Still Feel 21 is a site for anyone in Generation X pursuing a better life. Weekly articles cover wellness, parenthood, and entertainment.

About The Author

I am Michael Patrick. I am personally working to become fully dialed into the optimal life experience. I will most likely never get there, but I am becoming aware that appreciation of the journey likely leads to greater fulfillment than a celebration of any triumphant end result. I am pursuing a better life while clinging fiercely to the spirit of youth and reveling in laughs along the way.

In my twenties, I unconsciously drifted through life without goals. For far too long I clung to the shallow scene of partying on the weekends in desperate hopes of manufacturing joy and purpose. I was stuck in an emotional rut.  

At a certain point, the Universe showed up to thankfully jolt me into a paradigm shift through an emotional bottoming out. It compelled me to chart a different course in life. A course that would be consciously forged through proactive and self-directed education, multiple bouts of psychotherapy and a newly deep-seated desire to simply be a better man each day after the next. Through these life changes, I have still managed to retain the lightheartedness of my youth while slowly but surely settling into a more meaningful life.  

Still Feel 21 was founded in the spirit of community with the hopes that shared experience can lead the way to a better life for all of us. The content is driven by the core themes that dominate our lives as we grow away from the mistakes and innocence of our youth and now fully accept the often confounding responsibilities of adulthood.  

Wellness - The pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness.

Parenthood - Navigating your ultimate role in an era of hyper-parenting and heightened societal pressures.

Entertainment - An exploration of artists and content that matter.

Still Feel 21 is a home for my peers in Generation X to take a constructive eye to life, but never to the detriment of cheerfulness. We still feel 21, but thank God we are not.  

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