19 Best Guests From The Joe Rogan Podcast

Joe Rogan

Top Of The Podcast Game

To me, there is no one creating better podcast content than Joe Rogan. He is a prolific producer of shows and the guests and discussions are consistently compelling.

The guests on Joe’s podcast are reflective of his array of interests. The conversations are free to go anywhere, though, regardless of the guest’s connection to Joe or the industry they represent.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is built around casual conversations in a long-form format. While Joe is a comedian at heart, it is the recurring theme of deconstructing life that has hooked me in and kept me coming back.

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13 Best Intermittent Fasting Videos By Dr. Eric Berg

Intermittent Fasting

Benefits Of Fasting

Intermittent fasting is exactly as it sounds, which means alternating blocks of time between eating and periods of abstaining from food. There are numerous health benefits from intermittent fasting, including but not limited to:

  • Induces several cellular repair processes

  • Gene expression benefitting longevity

  • Weight loss and management

  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes

  • Potential to stave off Alzheimer’s disease

Your Intermittent Fasting Guide

Getting started with intermittent fasting may seem daunting and it might feel counterintuitive to abstain from eating for a significant period of time so thankfully there is a wealth of content and trusted advisors online that can help guide us through our journeys with fasting.

There is one voice online, in particular, that seems to rise above the bro science and proclamations from hobbyist, and when he speaks it is done so in a reasoned, credentialed, and easy going manner.

That voice belongs to Dr. Eric Berg, a chiropractor that specializes in weight loss and has built an online empire of sound and trusted advice surrounding diet, nutrition, and overall wellness.

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The Edge Of Sleep - A Dude And Bro Podcast Show

Brand New Fiction Podcast 

The Edge Of Sleep delivers a heavy payload of fictional suspense right from the get-go as it explores a massive death event through the eyes of the main character Dave.  

In this episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show, we go deep on The Edge Of Sleep podcast. 

Be sure to also check out our previous written article review on The Edge Of Sleep as well.

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The 9 Best Fantasy Football Podcasts To Dominate Your League With

Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Goes Mainstream

Football is king and that is a beautiful thing. While my interest in other professional sports has seemed to wane a bit as I have grown older and started a family, my passion for NFL football has increased tenfold and borderlines on an obsession.

There is no doubt that my love for fantasy football has fueled my continued and increasing interest in the NFL. The way that pro football is covered by major sports media these days, highlighting fantasy stats and catering to fantasy players, is a clear indication that I am not alone in this dual purpose interest in the NFL. The explosion of fantasy football and the ascension of the NFL seem to go hand in hand.

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Pull Up With CJ McCollum - Podcasts To Listen To

Pull Up With CJ McCollum

Our Limited Access to Athletes

Athletes mainly communicate to the masses through the press. They often stand in their locker room or in front of a podium answering questions and offering sound bites, typically in a mundane manner and often relying on cliches to get by.

Athletes tend to be guarded and consciously strive to not offend teammates or coaches, alienate fans, or jeopardize sponsorships. Our access to athletes outside of their arena of play tends to remain of a highly-limited and sanitized nature.

While social media gave the promise of direct connection with personas and stars, it is often through a limited number of characters or even worse, it is scripted and pushed out by a management or public relations firm.

The Promising Medium Of Podcasts

Now enter podcasts, a medium that is long-form and unfettered by default, allowing for a type of extended glimpse into the world of athletes seldom enjoyed by fans up to this point in the history of sports.

Pull Up with CJ McCollum is such a podcast, offering access to the thoughts and expressions of one of the NBA’s bright, young stars, who also happens to have a degree in journalism.

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7 Best Conservative Podcasts - Lead By The Ben Shapiro Show

A Loss Of Shared Spirit

It is no secret that there is a contentious ether in the American political climate. This zeitgeist steeped in divisiveness has been a major theme of mine throughout many of my writings.  

Instead of a proud bipartisan representative system where spirited debate produces compromise and sensible legislation, we are dug in like a Paul von Hindenburg World War I underground trench system. Both sides blow their proverbial whistles and charge each other's trench in a futile effort to win the political day.  

Discourse in this country has digressed into name calling and tribalism with politics being centered around demonization of your perceived opposition. In a country where there was once enough shared values to handle opposing views and debate was encouraged, I fear that the civil society has withered away and there is not enough commonality remaining for compromise anymore. So where do we go from here?

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The Happiness Lab With Dr. Laurie Santos - Podcasts To Listen To

A New Podcast For Happiness

Dr. Laurie Santos 

Dr. Laurie Santos has become one of the most famous college professors in the world at the moment because of her research into happiness. 

I first heard about Dr. Santos when she appeared on a news show discussing the course she has created as part of her work as a Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at Yale University. 

Dr. Santos’ brand new podcast The Happiness Lab was a show I was keen to listen to because the online version of her Yale course has been used by millions of people around the world.

The course could be seen as a guide for detailing how to consciously seek more joy and happiness in our often busy and distracted modern lives. I was curious about what the podcast had to offer.

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The Edge Of Sleep - Podcasts To Listen To

Brand New Fiction Podcast 

“July 8th, it’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining the birds are chirping and everyone's dead”.

That is quite the ominous opening from the brand new fictional podcast show The Edge Of Sleep

The Edge Of Sleep has been garnering a significant amount of 5-star reviews from listeners and after delving into just a few of the initial episodes I can personally relate to the enthusiasm and passion for the show.

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Long May They Run

Long May They Run

Long May They Run is a brand new podcast offering from C13 Originals, the team that brought us Root Of Evil podcast. Long May They Run is a music-focused podcast hosted by music journalist Dean Budnick with season one covering the legendary jam band Phish

In this episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show, we go deep on Long May They Run podcast. 

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Bulletproof Coffee: Fad Or For Real?

Butter In Your Coffee

Ketogenic Powerhouse Or Fad?

Have you blended grass-fed butter and coconut oil in your coffee yet? Known as Bulletproof coffee, it is rapidly growing beyond an underground beverage of choice for CrossFit athletes and ketogenic diet devotees.

The caffeinated concoction was created by Dave Asprey, founder, and CEO of The Bulletproof brand. There are purported wellness benefits to be gained by consuming buttered coffee, a beverage that is now being touted by others than just Dave and the growing legions of Bulletproof diehards.

The sharp increase of visibility along with the claims of wellness benefits are starting to give Bulletproof coffee the feel of being just another health craze fad.

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PTI Podcast - Premier Sports Talk But Why The Philly Hate Wilbon?

PTI Podcast - Pardon The Interruption 

In a time of programming where attention spans are limited as well as being competed for by countless arrays of content through traditional television and digital media, Pardon The Interruption (PTI) from ESPN may have crafted the perfect broadcast formula to attract and retain the fleeting minds of the sports fan masses.

While ESPN, a once undeniable juggernaut of a network and brand, seems to be fledgling with foundational highlight shows like Sportscenter feeling tired and trite, PTI has seemingly only grown cooler and more current with the times.

The topic preview board, countdown timers, and quick-hit debates between co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon are perfectly suited for an era of content that is consumed on the go and preferably in bite-sized chunks. 

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Broken: Jeffrey Epstein Podcast

Broken: Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 

Broken: Jeffrey Epstein podcast is a comprehensive investigative look at the harrowing tale of sex trafficking of minors by the ultra-wealthy, elite socialite Jeffrey Epstein. Broken: Jeffrey Epstein is hosted by Ariel Levy of The New Yorker and executive produced by Julie K. Brown, the investigative reporter from The Miami Herald who has been integral in breaking and covering this story. 

In this episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show, we go deep on Broken: Jeffrey Epstein podcast. 

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13 Best Ketogenic Diet Videos By Thomas DeLauer - Performance Coach

Thomas DeLauer - Executive Performance Coach


Thomas DeLauer is an elite personal trainer from the Santa Barbara area of California who has helped clients around the world reach their desired states of peak performance in life.

A self-described executive body and business coach, Thomas works to maximize the mind and body connection of his clients for high-level achievement, fulfillment, and balance in their personal and professional lives.

While Thomas looks the part of a California based trainer, he also packs a significant amount of value and actionable advice into the free wellness videos he posts online.

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11 Best Episodes Of The Lewis Howes School Of Greatness Podcast

The School Of Greatness Podcast

Lewis Howes is the founder and host of The School Of Greatness podcast. He is an entrepreneur, author, and former professional football player from the Arena League.

If you even just passively dabble in consuming content related to personal-development or entrepreneurship, then you will be familiar with many of the guests that Lewis has assembled throughout his impressive catalog of episodes.

From Tony Robbins to Eric Thomas to Dr. Brene Brown, Lewis lines up the heavy hitters of their respective fields for a long-form format of conversation that is always as informative as it is entertaining.

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11 Best Podcasts For Kids

My Love Of Podcasts

Being a huge podcast junkie I am routinely entrenched in my favorite shows but quite often have trouble finding the time or opportunity to indulge in my beloved podcast feed. 

First off, there are times where I actually have to take my earbuds out, and yes... engage with my wife and kids from time to time. 

Then there are the times while I am in the car driving the kids to their next sports game and I am unable to put on the Monstruo true crime podcast or my favorite comedian who uses the occasional choice four-letter word because I do not dare subject my young children to inappropriate content. 

But, there is an even less favorable situation than abstaining from listening to a favored podcast show when the circumstances with my family will not allow for it. Instead of foregoing all entertainment, I can reluctantly put a DVD into the Honda Odyssey rear entertainment system.

Opting for the DVD, I am then subjected to the audio version of Finding Nemo for the five-hundredth time while my kids' brains deteriorate away with mind-numbing animation from Pixar. (I actually like Pixar but using a little hyperbole here to make a point.)

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Bill Burr - The Monday Morning Podcast

Bill Burr

Bill Burr is one of the biggest personas in the comedy game right now. But how does this respected and high-profile standup comedian fair in the world of podcasting? 

In this episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show, we go deep on The Monday Morning Podcast from Bill Burr. 

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Today In True Crime by Parcast - A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show

Today In True Crime

“Crime never takes a day off, and neither do we.

That is the tag line direct from the brand new daily podcast series Today In True Crime. Coming from the prolific and well-respected podcast studio Parcast, Today In True Crime is an ambitious offering that looks to detail a crime that took place on each day’s date at some in the past.

These bite-sized episodes surprisingly stack a great deal of detail, context, and suspense into each story they cover. On this episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show, we go deep on Today In True Crime.

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We are entrenched in podcasts. We want to do for podcasts what Siskel and Ebert did for the movies. We do reviews, new show suggestions and debate current topics from a wide range of podcast shows. Subscribe and join our podcast family.

1619 From The New York Times - Podcasts To Listen To

1619 Podcast

The Destructive 400-Year Old Legacy of Slavery

To present an entertaining and informative history podcast on an obscure or lesser-known topic is an admirable and novel feat, but to present a new podcast on a topic that has been thoroughly researched and meditated upon since the times in which it was happening, is a task in and of itself.

1619, a podcast that was created by New York Times correspondent Nikole Hannah-Jones as part of the larger 1619 project, takes up that baton to weave a narrative that extends from the moment the first cargo ship carrying slaves set sail four hundred years ago, to the present day.

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The Bulletproof Radio Podcast 13 Best Videos On The Ketogenic Diet, Fasting, & Nutrition

The Bulletproof Brand

Bulletproof is a food and supplement company geared towards peak performance. It was founded by their CEO Dave Asprey.

The linchpin of the Bulletproof brand is their signature Bulletproof coffee, which Dave is credited with creating. Bulletproof coffee is a nutritionally dense, high-powered, blended coffee beverage with grass-fed butter and Bulletproof Brain Octane supplying a host of healthy fats to fuel the body and brain for hours on end.

Beyond their signature coffee concoction, Dave and the Bulletproof brand have a rather mighty podcast show as well.

The Bulletproof Radio Podcast

Dave, being a trailblazing CEO himself, attracts thought leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and industries to share tips and hacks to help people find more energy, happiness, and fulfillment out of life.

I myself have been informed and inspired by the Bulletproof Radio podcast. There have been numerous episodes that have directly transformed my approach towards eating, the ways in which I tend to my mental health, and the manners in which I seek fulfillment through my work.

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17 Best Episodes Of The Joe Rogan Podcast 2019

The Joe Rogan Podcast

I know I have said this now for several years running, however, it is as true this year as ever before: 2019 has been another brilliant year for The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

While we still have several months and more episodes to come from Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2019, the time is right to pay tribute to another stellar year from Joe and his guests. 

Joe’s channel on YouTube has now exceeded 6 million subscribers. It is mind-blowing to think of the sheer size of the audience he has amassed. He has now produced and published over 1,300 episodes, not including his MMA specific shows, chocked full of spirited dialogue and debate on a diverse and wide range of topics like the cosmos, politics, wellness, fulfillment from life and just about anything else you can imagine.

While Joe is a comedian at heart, it has always been his attempts to deconstruct life or unpack current social issues with an open mind and guests with different perspectives that have always most attracted me to his show. 

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The 5 Best New True Crime Podcasts Of 2019

True Crime Podcasts 

The Explosive Genre

True crime is as much an American pastime as baseball and apple pie, thanks to the 2014 hit podcast Serial. But a lot has changed since then. In five short years, the true crime genre has exploded to include a huge variety of podcasts, ranging from narrative pieces like Serial to “murder comedies.”

What makes murder so fascinating for so many people? Maybe it is facing the limits of human cruelty, or the deliciously morbid details, or a failing justice system that gets your blood going. But what can not be denied is that true crime is thriving and here to stay. 

The genre is dominating the podcast charts with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Today, we are living in the golden age of true crime because there are literally hundreds of new podcasts to choose from. 

If you are looking for a new podcast show that is dark, compelling or just plain entertaining we got you covered.

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Confronting: O.J. Simpson With Kim Goldman - A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show

The O.J. Simpson Case

25 Years Later

Confronting: O.J. Simpson with Kim Goldman is a podcast by the sister of the bystander Ron Goldman who wound up tragically murdered alongside Nicole Brown-Simpson. Produced by Wondery, Confronting is a brave endeavor by host Kim Goldman to go back in time and interview all of the major players in the case.

On this episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show we go deep on Confronting: O.J. Simpson With Kim Goldman.

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Dr. Drew Sounds Dire Warnings On Homelessness In California - The Adam And Dr. Drew Show

The Adam And Dr. Drew Show

An Offshoot Of Loveline

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show is an extension of the fan-favorite Loveline syndicated radio program. Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky have been giving relationship and wellness advice for decades to multiple generations of young people from all walks of life.  

Dr. Drew is a board-certified physician and an addiction medicine specialist, not to mention being easy on the eyes which I suspect was a selling point for the producers at MTV, who carried a live audience version of Loveline during its height of popularity. 

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