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11 Best Podcasts For Kids

11 Best Podcasts For Kids

My Love Of Podcasts

Being a huge podcast junkie I am routinely entrenched in my favorite shows but quite often have trouble finding the time or opportunity to indulge in my beloved podcast feed. 

First off, there are times where I actually have to take my earbuds out, and yes... engage with my wife and kids from time to time. 

Then there are the times while I am in the car driving the kids to their next sports game and I am unable to put on the Monstruo true crime podcast or my favorite comedian who uses the occasional choice four-letter word because I do not dare subject my young children to inappropriate content. 

But, there is an even less favorable situation than abstaining from listening to a favored podcast show when the circumstances with my family will not allow for it. Instead of foregoing all entertainment, I can reluctantly put a DVD into the Honda Odyssey rear entertainment system.

Opting for the DVD, I am then subjected to the audio version of Finding Nemo for the five-hundredth time while my kids' brains deteriorate away with mind-numbing animation from Pixar. (I actually like Pixar but using a little hyperbole here to make a point.)  

Faced with the proposition of enduring another round of our fishy cartoon friends, a question dawned on me. How can I combine my love of podcasts with the joy of spending time with my children all the while keeping it appropriate? 

It was clear to me that I had to go on a mission to seek out and learn about the best podcasts for kids. I did the leg work and investigation of countless podcasts so you could reap the benefits and enjoy the suggested shows with your family.

Best Podcasts For Kids 

The podcasts that made my list are entertaining and informative. They range from fictional stories to science and education. 

The media of podcasts allows children to ingest information in an audible format which then requires them to picture what is going on in their minds. The shows compel deep thought from our kids about the episode’s subject matter. These are not only engaging and thought-provoking shows but also lots of fun for the entire family.  

Additionally, as a parent, it allows me to further interact with my kids and share something special with them. I will put on Smash, Boom, Best while we are in the car and then afterwards have an epic debate about which is cooler; The Loch Ness Monster or The Bermuda Triangle? How fun is that?  

I now submit to you the 11 best podcasts for kids: 

1. Smash, Boom, Best

Produced by the folks who also make Brains On, Smash, Boom, Best is my favorite podcast to listen to with my kids and therefore an easy choice to hold down the #1 spot on our feature. 

In short, each episode is about a subject that kids would find interesting and then they participate in a cheerful and amusing debate. Each side makes a lighthearted yet compelling case on why something is “cooler” than the others.  

Not only is it informative about the subject matter at hand, but it also teaches children about constructive debate skills and how to make a compelling argument. And, at the very end of the episode they choose which is crowned the winner and the smash, boom, best!

2. Wow in the World

Wow in the World is a podcast produced by the folks from NPR. It is hosted by Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, with the latter also hosting the wildly popular How I Built This podcast based on business for grownups. 

Each episode takes on a science based topic that is geared for the temperament and interest of kids and does a fabulous job of making it educational and interesting. 

Topics and episodes that range from hungry black holes to the keen sense of a dog's nose to exploding ants. Each week is fascinating, especially for kids. 

3. Story Pirates

Story Pirates comes to us from Gimlet media. What makes this podcast great is that many of the stories and shows are written by kids themselves. 

They use world-class actors and voice professionals to bring to life the stories from children. Some voices used on the show include Jon Stewart, Ana Gasteyer, Patton Oswalt, and Conan O’Brien.  

Founded in 2004, Story Pirates started as a project to promote the words and ideas of kids. It took on a life of its own when sketch comedy groups started taking premises concocted by adolescence like a dragon with a cheeseburger for a head and turning into an insanely funny exercise. 

Comedic actors with great chops are honored to be a part of Story Pirates to give back to the arts and gain acting credibility through this excellent podcast.

4. Highlights Hangouts

Produced and distributed by the iconic, trusted publication for kids Highlights, Highlights Hangouts is a podcast that supplements each month's Highlights issue. 

Growing up, Highlights was a huge part of my childhood and now my subscription to the magazine goes to my own children.  

Hosted by Tim Kubart and Juanita Andersen, Highlights Hangouts gives an audio take on the great content of short stories, puzzles, and my favorite “Goofus and Gallant”. 

Another great aspect of the show is that they take on listener contributions such as jokes and questions. 

5. Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest

Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest is a podcast brought to us by the children focused audio platform Pinna. I am thrilled I stumbled upon Pinna because they offer a tremendous amount of audio story content on their website that is geared exclusively for children. 

Particularly, Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest is one of their best audio shows that focuses on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales and re-tells them in a modern, entertaining fashion that will keep your child in the midst of suspense.  

This podcast is used in many classrooms as teachers use it to educate children on literary devices and story-telling. This show has earned the honors of The Parents Choice Award and a Webby honoree in the Family and Kids Podcast category

6. Brains On

Brains On is a science based podcast produced by American Public Media. Hosted by Molly Bloom, Brains On made our list based on its universal appeal and that it can be enjoyed by all ages in the entire family. 

Show topics are inspired by listener questions and titles include, “How do Elevators Work?”, “Hey, where did you get those genes?”, and “Plastic, Why it’s Everywhere”.  

7. Stories Podcast

Stories Podcast is a podcast show for kids with a name that says it all. 

It consists of bedtime stories for kids with fun and interesting titles such as “The Druids Harp of Ireland”, “Runaway Cats”, and “Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox”. 

The stories on this show are whimsical and eclectic. Your children’s imaginations are sure to run wild while getting lost in this show.

8. Chompers

Produced by Gimlet Media, Chompers is a podcast specifically designed to make time during the evenings while brushing your teeth fun and engaging. 

While your child is brushing their teeth, the Chompers podcast tells jokes, runs contests, and other fun and engaging content to encourage children to brush their teeth for a sufficient duration and most importantly have fun while doing so.

9. But Why - A Podcast For Curious Kids

Like most of the podcasts on this list, But Why podcast is interactive for the kids. Kids record a topic or question using their parent's smartphone and the producers run with it from there.

10. Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

Inspired by the mission to make more podcasts for kids, the Tumble Science Podcast for Kids seeks to get more children interested in science and understanding the fundamentals of the scientific process. With more future scientists in our society, their hope is to make the world a better place. 

Most people do not quite understand the scientific method and the various components like testing a hypothesis. There can be a lot of failures experienced during the journey of science which is a lesson that can be applied more broadly to life. 

All of these grander lessons are imparted as part of the main mission of the podcast while also simply making learning about science fun.

11. Big Life Kids Podcast

Inspired and produced by the Big Life Journal, the Big Life Kids Podcast is an audio supplement to the magazine. The magazine for parents and kids is motivated to teach life lessons and give kids the confidence and esteem they need to grow up and be successful. 

Founded by Alexandria and Scott Eidens, the content of the magazine and show come from former teachers, coaches, homeschoolers and the like.

Podcasts Change Lives 

Podcasts have been shaping our society and changing people’s lives. That is not a statement made with the intent of being dramatic. It is the truth. 

Adults have been learning and becoming empowered to launch businesses. Adults have been figuring out dietary strategies from podcasters and YouTube creators to help lose weight and live healthier and more vibrant lives. 

We have also continued and expanded upon our more formal education by becoming engrossed in history podcasts or investigative shows. All the while we have been thoroughly entertained as well. 

It is about time we take advantage of this brilliant new media format of podcasts and get the entire family involved in the fun and informative nature of podcast shows. Our kids can become more curious, educated, and well-rounded beings as a result. 

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