Bulletproof Coffee: Fad Or For Real?

Butter In Your Coffee

Ketogenic Powerhouse Or Fad?

Have you blended grass-fed butter and coconut oil in your coffee yet? Known as Bulletproof coffee, it is rapidly growing beyond an underground beverage of choice for CrossFit athletes and ketogenic diet devotees.

The caffeinated concoction was created by Dave Asprey, founder, and CEO of The Bulletproof brand. There are purported wellness benefits to be gained by consuming buttered coffee, a beverage that is now being touted by others than just Dave and the growing legions of Bulletproof diehards.

The sharp increase of visibility along with the claims of wellness benefits are starting to give Bulletproof coffee the feel of being just another health craze fad.

All the trappings of a fad are there, from the initial traction within a niche community to the wildfire-like spreading of hype across social media, to the tipping point when late-night television hosts start making mentions of Bulletproof coffee on the set of their shows.


Just Another Fad?

I am here to attest, though, through 5+ years of firsthand experience, that Bulletproof coffee is no fad. It can make an immediate and positive impact on your wellness efforts while providing a surprising boost of taste to your coffee routine.

I think the latter part is truly the key to the mania behind Bulletproof coffee being sustainable, which is butter blended in your coffee simply tastes awesome. That is driving the continued enthusiasm for this odd beverage concept. If it induced any sort of sour reaction to the sacred ritual of coffee consumption it would have been dead on arrival.  

Conditioned To Fear Fat

Like myself, I believe many people initially have a suspicious reaction to the concept of adding butter to coffee. I know I personally recoiled in a defensive disbelief when I first heard of this concept.

Part of me was offended as a black coffee enthusiast who never adds cream or sugar to my coffee. The other part was hesitant because I wrongfully thought that butter and fats were unhealthy.

Why would I ever consider taking my sacred black coffee, a pure cup of perfection, and ruin it with artery-clogging butter? I was that devout with my love of black coffee. I also thought I knew what was unhealthy and the act of consuming butter through this means felt extreme and seemed to be borderline dangerous.

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I think these fears are all probably pretty typical for anyone who lived through the '80s and '90s and got hammered over the head with the low-fat dogma that took considerable hold within scientific and medical communities back then.

These were institutions and individuals that we trusted for guidance in shaping our diets and they got it completely wrong with their protracted push for a low-fat diet centering around an increased consumption of refined carbohydrates.

That garbage persisted in doctors offices and in the media for years and if you lived through that time there is conditioning ingrained in you that will require some openness to overcome.

If you do become aware of the information that is out there today supporting good fats, even saturated as an acceptable source of calories, you can then break down the walls and begin to reap the benefits from a rather simple, yet powerfully tasty beverage.  

The ketogenic diet, a lifestyle restricting carbs in favor of fats and moderate protein, has exploded lately for good reason. People are managing weight, increasing their energy levels, and are enjoying tasty foods again like bacon, butter, and avocados.

A quick word of caution, though, for anyone out there considering or beginning a ketogenic diet strictly for weight loss. I have personally found there can be such a thing as too much fat when it comes to managing weight on a ketogenic diet and have read great detailed explanations on why and how this can be. As with any dietary lifestyle, be smart and balanced in your approach.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

The process for making Bulletproof Coffee is explained here by the man Dave Asprey himself. Please note the importance of the butter being grass-fed and unsalted while the coffee should be organic. These particulars will help ensure the cleanest and most maximized boost of energy possible.

Some Benefits Of Bulletproof Coffee:

  • It tastes delicious. As stated earlier, I am a black coffee guy through and through, but the taste of a Bulletproof style cup is not to be denied. It froths up like a latte when properly blended and the buttery goodness is palpable.

  • It is a sustained source of energy. The fats in the butter and coconut oil cause your body to metabolize the caffeine at a slower rate. This creates a smoother and more prolonged uptick of energy without the crash that can sometimes accompany a typical cup of coffee.

  • It can suppress your hunger. The good fats feel nourishing and the caffeine does its part to keep pangs of hunger at bay. Combined, the fat and caffeine are complementary agents that help to keep you satiated.

  • It is simple to make. For something to have true staying power in your daily routine of life it must be simple. There is no considerable time added to your regular home coffee brewing routine and the 2 additional ingredients of unsalted grass-fed butter and coconut oil lend itself to the simplicity.  

When Trying Bulletproof Coffee Consider The Following:

  • Experiment with Bulletproof coffee as the only thing you consume in the morning for breakfast. This is an easy way to boost metabolism while nourishing your brain with good fats. This is also a good way to ease into an intermittent fasting program. Try it a few times.

  • Consume Bulletproof coffee as your only caloric intake before a morning workout. Increasing your body's ability to burn fat for energy as opposed to burning sugar through carbohydrate intake can help make a fitter and more proficient version of you.

  • Do use a glass blender or even better a hand-held mixer or small frother. This may seem like a no-brainer, but embarrassingly enough the first few times I made Bulletproof coffee I was blending it in a plastic blender. I did this until it cracked from the heat and made a subsequent mess in the kitchen.

  • Try some MCT oil instead of coconut oil. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides which are medium-chain fatty acids and are documented to contain many health benefits.

    For me, the ease of the MCT oil being in liquid form at room temperature is a great side-benefit, in comparison to coconut oil which can be solid at certain room temperatures and sticky to work with at times.

    I find certain MCT oils can be tasteless, which also allows the taste of the butter to shine through more in your Bulletproof beverage.

  • Bulletproof-branded coffee beans or grounds are not a requirement for the Bulletproof experience. I have purchased and enjoyed Bulletproof-branded grounds many times and they do indeed brew a clean and mightily rich cup of coffee, but you can get started right away with any organic beans or grounds.    

coffee cup and beans.png

From Fabled Fad To Main Street?

I do not believe Bulletproof coffee is another dietary fad destined to be looked back on and mocked in the future. Whole Foods now offers "Mammoth" coffee at their in-store coffee bars, which is a Bulletproof style cup of coffee. At my local community coffee shop, they too now offer a Bulletproof style cup of coffee.

Both of these main street encounters with the buttery behemoth offer the further indication that the trend is tipping over to the masses. The traction in the wellness communities seems firmly rooted for Bulletproof coffee and now the inroads into mainstream life seem to be getting carved for good as well.  

A New Weapon For Wellness

Bulletproof coffee can make an immediate and positive impact on your energy, wellness efforts, and enjoyment of coffee.

One of my best friends tried a cup recently as his sole caloric intake for breakfast and felt completely satisfied and energized all the way till lunch, however, your experience could differ. If you have been consuming a considerable amount of carbs in the mornings like cereals, bagels, and muffins then the hunger limiting benefits may not be as pronounced right away.

I think the best approach for anyone interested in trying Bulletproof coffee is to consider it as a component of an overall shift in wellness.

Treat it as a powerful weapon in your revamped arsenal of foods that now feature healthy fats as a key for caloric intake. You may need to undertake a transitionary period to become fat-adapted, as Mark Sisson would say, who is a trusted source of information for me.  

All that being said, jump right in and blend up a cup regardless of any other considerations to your diet. The taste is enjoyable and the energy is real. It may also be a defining moment that encourages you to seek out more healthy fats in your life.

Bulletproof coffee is no fad. The taste alone will not allow it to be. Go enjoy the frothy goodness and be well.  

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