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Podcasts have exploded over recent years. There are endless shows available now that can satisfy anyone’s interest from the broadest of ranging topics to the most narrow of niches.

Thanks to podcasts we as a society are:

  • Being captivated by investigative tales and true crime sagas

  • Learning of history in a compelling and unsanitized format

  • Becoming entrepreneurs

  • Adopting dietary changes and undertaking mindfulness practices

  • Enjoying gut-wrenching laughs from uncensored comedy

  • Simply finding more joy in life

The amount of content being produced and published these days is staggering. It is a brilliant new day for the sharing of stories, artistic expressions, and information all the while keeping us thoroughly entertained.

The only resulting problem for the public with this new wealth of podcast shows is how to wade through it all and get to the truly juicy shows.

Here at Still Feel 21, we are up to our ears in podcasts. We are obsessed with consuming, reviewing, ranking, dissecting, and recommending podcast series. We are here to help with a continual flow of podcast suggestions.

Best New Podcasts

Here now for you are 5 of the best new podcasts to listen to:

1. Disgraceland

Disgraceland Logo Tag.jpeg

True crime has exploded for podcasts in recent history and Disgraceland is a new venture that adds a unique twist to the genre by focusing on crimes and stories that involve legends from the music industry. It is a brilliant twist that binds together two wildly passionate fan bases, true crime, and music, that are sure to be equally swept up by this unique mashup.

Hosted, written, and produced by Jake Brennan, Disgraceland is a bi-weekly offering of shows clocking in at about 30 minutes each. The details in the stories are conveyed with depth and layered in a suspenseful atmosphere.

While these episodes are not dramatic reenactments of the captivating events, there is a heightened sense of drama felt as host Brennan delivers with just the right amount of urgency when needed.

Throttling back and forth between an understated coolness, befitting for a rock-themed show, and punched up moments of intensity, Brennan knows exactly how to pace the delivery of these half-hour torrid tales to keep the listener enthralled all the way through.

Where some true crime shows delve deep into investigative journalism, giving voice to the voiceless, and looking to potentially break open cold cases, Disgraceland stays rooted in entertaining, eliciting draw dropping reactions, and simply having fun.

From rock originators like Jerry Lee Lewis to the icons of punk like Sid Vicious, Disgraceland spans time and genre to curate some of the most raucous and intriguing crossovers between music and crime.

2. Whine Down With Jana Kramer


Jana Kramer is a singer, actress, mother, wife, and now a host of one of the most honest and soul-bearing podcast shows I have ever listened to.

Within minutes of the start of her debut episode, Kramer opens up and shares about her love addiction and a previous one-week marriage to a guy who was 14 years her age who also used to be married to Christina Applegate.

The admissions were flying fast and furiously at the onset of her debut show and never seemed to let up one bit.

Trust issues in the marriage, fantasies of being divorced and alone, her husband’s lack of sexual proclivity and her walking home from couples counseling sessions were all bandied about at a staggering pace.

These tantalizing nuggets shared from the most intimate of spaces within Kramer’s life were not being disclosed for shock value. With each truth grenade she hurled into the abyss she did so with a vulnerability and refreshing self-awareness that drew you deeper into the show and more connected to Kramer as a flawed being who is trying her damndest like we all are.

Kramer seems to be putting on a podcast to entertain and inspire women but she is clearly level setting expectations for what the audience may envision of a successful woman with fame, fortune, and family.

She has flung herself right into the messy and discomforting trenches of life, real life, to embrace the shared struggles of marriage, career, parenting, and fulfillment. This was the refreshing part of Whine Down to me.

All too often podcast hosts or content creators are quick to share their successes, offer up advisement, or come at the audience from some differentiated lane of life. They have seen it all, accomplished much, and must now dazzle us with their wisdom.

Nothing has been fully figured out yet by Kramer and everything is up for discussion and debate on her show. She has not set herself apart from the audience one bit and she is desperately seeking a path towards connection and true joy in her life just like everyone else downloading her show.

The long-form and unfiltered format of podcasts is the perfect platform for Jana Kramer and the topics she is looking to explore.



SHAMEBOOTH podcast was founded by host Paula Williams and produced by SOUND MADE PUBLIC.

They are a unique podcast series featuring their highly creative SHAMEBOOTH recording platform.

The SHAMEBOOTH recording mechanism is an old phone booth that Paula Williams had repurposed to become a platform for people to walk into and “speak their shame” as the tagline for the show states.

The participants who enter the booth grant permission to the podcast to record and capture their story. The resulting audio is captivating and more importantly, the impact on the individuals who share is nothing short of miraculous. There is a cascading effect of healing and positivity that ripples out to the listeners as well.

People from all walks of life enter into the SHAMEBOOTH and reveal stories of addiction, feelings of unworthiness, tales of regret, and more. None of it is exploitative or done in a manner to titillate, like some tawdry shows from the past like Taxicab Confessions. This is a deeply personal and quite often a transformative process for the people that share.

Williams also brings in credentialed experts to help examine the situations and not only bring comfort to the listeners but also tools and tips to deal with our own bouts of shame.

SHAMEBOOTH is on a mission to not only provide an outlet for people to speak their shame, but to also provide resources and experts to continue this much-needed conversation about shame in a supportive and daring fashion.

Go listen to SHAMEBOOTH and become inspired to live a more authentic and expressed life.

4. The Science Of Happiness

Science Of Happiness Podcast.jpg

What if happiness could be cultivated and achieved by undertaking simple routines and practices that were scientifically backed? That is the crux of this entertaining and informative podcast series, aptly titled The Science Of Happiness.

The Science Of Happiness podcast is produced and hosted by Cal Berkeley professor Dacher Keltner and it is on a mission to bring to its listeners a scientific approach towards generating and sustaining happiness.

A differentiator between The Science Of Happiness and the rest of the voluminous amount of self-help, growth based content out there is not only the academic underpinnings of the podcast but also the unique twist of empowering happiness guinea pigs, as they are affectionately referred to on the show.

Happiness guinea pigs are everyday people chosen to partake in a scientifically derived process aimed at creating deeper and more lasting states of happiness in their lives. Some of these practices may be familiar to you, at least on a surface level, like practicing gratitude. Other suggested methods, like a self-compassion letter or the “36 questions”, were brand new concepts to me as I imagine they would be to most.  

After a debrief between the happiness guinea pig and Keltner, the host, a professional guest comes on each week to unpack the actual science behind the effects of the happiness guinea pig’s actions.

Hearing the scientific reasoning behind these happiness generating mechanisms each week is not only interesting but it can also help create a more openness in others to want to take proactive steps towards becoming happier. Learning the why and how behind the doing can potentially compel us down a more committed path towards change.

The Science Of Happiness is here to provide quick, easy, and highly-actionable practices to help you change your emotional states and experience joy more consistently. Do not leave your happiness up to chance. Start now by giving The Science Of Happiness podcast a listen.

5. Pull Up With C.J. McCollum

Pull Up Final Logo.jpeg

Athletes tend to be guarded and consciously strive to not offend teammates or coaches, alienate fans, or jeopardize sponsorships. Our access to athletes outside of their arena of play tends to remain of a highly-limited and sanitized nature.

While social media gave the promise of direct connection with personas and stars, it is often through a limited number of characters or even worse, it is scripted and pushed out by a management or public relations firm.

Now enter podcasts, a medium that is long-form and unfettered by default, allowing for a type of extended glimpse into the world of athletes seldom enjoyed by fans up to this point in the history of sports.

Pull Up with C.J. McCollum is such a podcast, offering access to the thoughts and expressions of one of the NBA’s bright, young stars, who also happens to have a degree in journalism.

While some NBA owners and coaches might shudder at the thought at one of their guys free flowing at a mic with no safety net or escape hatch, should they veer into a dangerous territory of discussion, I think the execs and powers to be for the Portland Trailblazers can rest easy.

C.J. McCollum comes off as a sharp, thoughtful, and mindful man, and getting this type of access into the mind and thoughts of a high-performing athlete is a fascinating treat.

Pull Up focuses heavily on basketball, as you would expect, but this is not just another talking head, pundit laden show dissecting highlights, the standings, or other general goings on of the league.

McCollum is smooth, vulnerable, and compelling in his vocal delivery and the quality of content is on par too. While he is not giving away trade secrets or dishing any scandalous dirt on teammates, he is also not shying away from tough topics or heady discussions. Mental health, cannabis legalization in the NBA, and the isolation felt from injury have all been discussed on the show.

McCollum’s co-host Jordan Schultz, hailing from Yahoo sports, seems to be a perfect complement, keeping the conversation intriguing and moving forward, while lending an obvious knowledge and welcomed opinion of the NBA.

With another NBA season back and in action, do check out Pull Up to get your hoops discussion fix.

The Explosion Of Podcasts

The internet has completely blown away the old guard when it comes to means of producing shows and access to outlets of distribution. Art and information used to flow from a top-down model with a significant few entities controlling what was made available for consumption to the public.

Big budgets and complicated equipment were required to produce video and audio content. Art and content that did get created had limited options for being disseminated to the masses. It typically had to pass through the approval of high powered gatekeepers, like television studio executives.

These folks at the helm of major entertainment conglomerates were often beholden to boardrooms, stock prices, and profits. So to say there were conflicting motives for what art and information did get released in an understatement. The internet shattered that model to pieces.

The ability to create and record quality audio and video content has never been easier or cheaper. The means and outlets for distributing this content directly to consumers are plentiful. The overlords of the old guard have been rendered merely useless.

Art and ideas can now flow from anyone and spread out amongst the public by the people themselves. This is how the world gets changed, one personal breakthrough at a time, as a result of a free flow of ideas and information.

This podcast revolution is on. The middleman has been eliminated. The gatekeeper has been given his severance. Podcast content for the people, by the people, to the benefit of our entire society.

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