A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show: Special Episode - Wondery Drops Sword And Scale

Sword and Scale Dropped

Mike Boudet

In a shocking announcement Saturday 3/9, Wondery parted ways with Mike Boudet and his Sword and Scale podcast prompting Sword & Scale to abruptly inform its Patreon supporters of the major news.

The partnership that creator Mike Boudet had enjoyed with the podcasting giant allowed him to scale his critically and commercially acclaimed flagship show into the top of the true crime podcasting world.  

Incongruity Media Inc., as it became known, spawned hardcore true crime shows that included Sword & Scale, Monstruo, Sword & Scale Rewind, and This is War.

On this special episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show we got together quickly to share our thoughts and commentary on this news that is sending shockwaves throughout the podcasting landscape.

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