11 Best Guests Of The Adam Carolla Show

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The Adam Carolla Show is the world’s most downloaded podcast. Coming from the terrestrial radio world and syndicated shows like Loveline, Carolla brings a professional, well-produced show to his fans each and every weekday.  

In fact, with his construction background, Carolla personally designed and built his very own state of the art podcasting studio.  

Carolla is a seasoned radio personality who brings a unique and informed perspective on all sorts of matters to his show. Whether it be relationships, nutrition, politics, music, or any other universal topic, Carolla is free to tackle any and all subjects on his podcast.  

The show holds up whether he rants and raves by himself or when mixing it up with his team of co-personalities in Bald Bryan and the lovely and talented Gina Grad. While Carolla could drive and compel an entire show by himself, he happens to get an amazing array of guests almost on a daily basis.

When the guests are good, it raises the energy and quality of the show through the stratosphere. There is a common thread that ties together the best guests of The Adam Carolla Show, and that is the ability for them to think on their feet and improvise. Carolla is the king of spontaneous comedy and his show is the perfect platform for guests to create podcasting gold.


These are The 11 All-Time Best Guests Of The Adam Carolla Show.

Go download episodes with these guests ASAP!  

1. David Alan Grier

David Alan Grier or D.A.G., as he is known on the show, is a master improvisational performer.  

In his many appearances on the prior iterations of Love Line or The Adam Carolla Show, Adam constantly teed up D.A.G. with funny premises who then hit the ball out of the park with some classic all-time memorable bits. The “Teddy Pendergrass” skit might be some of the funniest moments in podcast history.

Grier is a super talented performer who perhaps does not get the recognition he deserves being in the shadow of the Wayans family and Jim Carrey for all of those years on In Living Color. The guy has been Tony nominated for his dramatic chops on Broadway, in fact, in addition to being a comedic genius.  

D.A.G. has not been on Carolla’s podcast in quite some time which has caused some speculation as to whether there is a rift between the two? That would be tragic if so. D.A.G., come back!

2. Jo Koy

I never heard of Jo Koy before he started appearing on The Adam Carolla Show. Apparently, he was a successful comedian on the tour circuit and appeared as a guest panelist on The Chelsea Lately Show. But for all intents and purposes, Jo Koy was an under the radar comedian before he started appearing on the show.  

The Aceman, in a very Jimmy Kimmel-esque move, spotted the immense talent in Koy and kept bringing him back for memorable moments on the show each and every time.

Carolla respects the talent that can roll with the punches. When he puts Jo on the spot with bits like “Bung Lu Su” and “P.F. Chang’s Greeter”, it turns into classic podcast moments.  

3. Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller needs no introduction but the former Saturday Night Live news anchor has sort of faded into obscurity over the last decade. He has potentially even alienated some of his audience with his own political leanings that he is not shy about expressing.  

Adam and Dennis, however, have a unique chemistry and kinship that make for great podcasting. Not too long ago, Dennis and Adam even had a podcast show together that quickly went away for some unknown reason. Miller still appears weekly on Adam’s show for the “Rotten Tomatoes Game”, which is always awesome.  

During the weekly game, the hosts have to guess the Rotten Tomato aggregate critic scores when given a particular movie. Miller rolls with the punches and is still able to keep up with the Aceman. Miller makes elaborate jokes and even more elaborate obscure references on the fly, trading jabs with Carolla. I look forward to MIller’s appearances every week!

4. Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr is a top-level talent and A-list guest. I enjoy Mohr because he gives insight into some of the classic movies he was in like Jerry McGuire and Pay It Forward, not to mention a behind the curtain peek into the writer's rooms of many Hollywood productions.  

Adam loves Jay because he was a high school wrestler and embodies all of the strong character traits that come with competitive wrestling such as grit and a sound work ethic. I love Jay even more because his impressions are friggin hilarious.  

Christopher Walken, Colin Quinn, Norm McDonald, and Tracy Morgan impressions to name a few are comedy podcast gold. Jay can keep them up for quite some time and is tremendous thinking on his feet.

5. AJ Benza

Private Investigator to the stars, AJ Benza always brings the best scoops to the show. In a world where the media can be easily manipulated, AJ Benza cuts right through it all and tells it like it is.  

Benza made his bones in the mean streets of New York covering underground crime and can give fascinating insights into the mob. Benza is always at his best and in his element, though, delivering that inside take on the latest Hollywood scoop whenever he appears.    

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6. Dana Gould

Gould, one of the comedic masterminds behind the Simpsons and a regular on Bill Mahr’s HBO show, always brings it when he appears on the Carolla Show. Dana is also another great talent that is able to think on his feet. Notice again that recurring theme amongst all the guests here?

When the Aceman starts improvising, Gould picks up the ball and powers his way into the end zone each and every time he is on the show.  The impression he does of Huell Howser is some of the funniest stuff ever done on the show.

7. Greg Fitzsimmons

Fitzdog always seems to be comfortable on the show and brings his clever wit each and every time he appears. Greg Fitzsimmons is a comedian’s comedian garnering regular guest spots on the podcasts of heavyweights like Joe Rogan and Bill Burr. He is welcomed in those ordained comedic circles which tells you a lot about his overall talent and the respect he gets from his peers.

8. Jim Jeffries

Jim Jeffries is an Australian stand-up comic, actor, and social commentator. Some of the early Jim Jeffries interviews are top-notch, funny episodes. Seems like he went off of the political rails a little recently and some of his comedic edge might have gone along with him.

9. Dave Dameshek

Dave Dameshek is the perfect mix of a sports guy mixed with the Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Simmons, Man Show brand of humor. Dave and Carolla’s chemistry is so good that the “Good Sports” segments are often the best part of The Adam Carolla Show each and every day.

10. Eric Stonestreet

Adam loves to live vicariously through Stonestreet. What it must be like to be a star on one of the most popular television sitcoms, Modern Family, compounded by being a single guy in Hollywood. Mix in that little Kansas City Missouri charm that Eric brings to the table and you have Adam’s perfect dude. Stonestreet is always a treat when he is on the show.

11. Elliot Gould

The big running joke is that Elliot Gould appeared with Adam Carolla in front of a live audience.  If I had to guess, Gould’s agents told him that he was appearing on a new medium called a podcast and most likely portrayed it to Gould as an NPR Style Interview.  

By the time Gould heard Adam tell his 3rd fart joke, Gould immediately shut down and refused to participate in the show, only giving sarcastic one-word answers in defiance. Perhaps one of the most memorable episodes of the Adam Carolla podcast to date.

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