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21 Best Episodes Of The Joe Rogan Podcast 2019

The Joe Rogan Podcast

I know I have said this now for several years running, however, it is as true this year as ever before: 2019 has been another brilliant year for The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

While we still have several months and more episodes to come from Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2019, the time is right to pay tribute to another stellar year from Joe and his guests. 

Joe’s channel on YouTube has now exceeded 6 million subscribers. It is mind-blowing to think of the sheer size of the audience he has amassed. He has now produced and published over 1,300 episodes, not including his MMA specific shows, chocked full of spirited dialogue and debate on a diverse and wide range of topics like the cosmos, politics, wellness, fulfillment from life and just about anything else you can imagine.

While Joe is a comedian at heart, it has always been his attempts to deconstruct life or unpack current social issues with an open mind and guests with different perspectives that have always most attracted me to his show. 

11 Best Episodes Of The Jocko Podcast

The Jocko Podcast

A Unique Approach To Empowerment

There is a wealth of content available in the world of business and life performance that is affirming, inspiring, and cheerful.

There is also another podcast out there now that approaches empowerment in a different manner than most. The Jocko Podcast is hosted by retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink along with his cohort in the studio Echo Charles.

Jocko is not here to motivate you. He believes motivation is a failed concept. He feels If you rely on motivation to get through the daily grind of life you will eventually get burned by it.

Discipline is the calling card for Jocko. Jocko touts discipline over motivation all day.

In Adam Carolla's Absence A Regretful Week On The Adam And Dr. Drew Show Podcast

The Absence Of Adam Carolla

Some recent episodes of The Adam and Dr. Drew Show podcast left us without the witty, curmudgeon of a co-host Adam Carolla. The podcasting pioneer was absent from his own flagship fleet show for a brief but alarming stint.  

Instead of a week featuring “best of” content or some pre-recorded shows produced on the fly, the PodcastOne staple show instead decided to produce a week of shows by replacing Adam with another sidekick from Dr. Drew’s previous Loveline past, that co-host being Mike Catherwood

Catherwood, also known as “Psycho Mike”, previously replaced Carolla on the popular syndicated radio show Loveline back from 2010 to 2016. He is also known as a west coast radio personality from another popular radio show The Kevin and Bean Show.  

19 Best Guests From The Joe Rogan Podcast

Joe Rogan

Top Of The Podcast Game

To me, there is no one creating better podcast content than Joe Rogan. He is a prolific producer of shows and the guests and discussions are consistently compelling.

The guests on Joe’s podcast are reflective of his array of interests. The conversations are free to go anywhere, though, regardless of the guest’s connection to Joe or the industry they represent.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is built around casual conversations in a long-form format. While Joe is a comedian at heart, it is the recurring theme of deconstructing life that has hooked me in and kept me coming back.

The 9 Best Fantasy Football Podcasts To Dominate Your League With

Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Goes Mainstream

Football is king and that is a beautiful thing. While my interest in other professional sports has seemed to wane a bit as I have grown older and started a family, my passion for NFL football has increased tenfold and borderlines on an obsession.

There is no doubt that my love for fantasy football has fueled my continued and increasing interest in the NFL. The way that pro football is covered by major sports media these days, highlighting fantasy stats and catering to fantasy players, is a clear indication that I am not alone in this dual purpose interest in the NFL. The explosion of fantasy football and the ascension of the NFL seem to go hand in hand.

7 Best Conservative Podcasts - Lead By The Ben Shapiro Show

A Loss Of Shared Spirit

It is no secret that there is a contentious ether in the American political climate. This zeitgeist steeped in divisiveness has been a major theme of mine throughout many of my writings.  

Instead of a proud bipartisan representative system where spirited debate produces compromise and sensible legislation, we are dug in like a Paul von Hindenburg World War I underground trench system. Both sides blow their proverbial whistles and charge each other's trench in a futile effort to win the political day.  

Discourse in this country has digressed into name calling and tribalism with politics being centered around demonization of your perceived opposition. In a country where there was once enough shared values to handle opposing views and debate was encouraged, I fear that the civil society has withered away and there is not enough commonality remaining for compromise anymore. So where do we go from here?

PTI Podcast - Premier Sports Talk But Why The Philly Hate Wilbon?

PTI Podcast - Pardon The Interruption 

In a time of programming where attention spans are limited as well as being competed for by countless arrays of content through traditional television and digital media, Pardon The Interruption (PTI) from ESPN may have crafted the perfect broadcast formula to attract and retain the fleeting minds of the sports fan masses.

While ESPN, a once undeniable juggernaut of a network and brand, seems to be fledgling with foundational highlight shows like Sportscenter feeling tired and trite, PTI has seemingly only grown cooler and more current with the times.

The topic preview board, countdown timers, and quick-hit debates between co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon are perfectly suited for an era of content that is consumed on the go and preferably in bite-sized chunks. 

11 Best Episodes Of The Lewis Howes School Of Greatness Podcast

The School Of Greatness Podcast

Lewis Howes is the founder and host of The School Of Greatness podcast. He is an entrepreneur, author, and former professional football player from the Arena League.

If you even just passively dabble in consuming content related to personal-development or entrepreneurship, then you will be familiar with many of the guests that Lewis has assembled throughout his impressive catalog of episodes.

From Tony Robbins to Eric Thomas to Dr. Brene Brown, Lewis lines up the heavy hitters of their respective fields for a long-form format of conversation that is always as informative as it is entertaining.

11 Best Podcasts For Kids

My Love Of Podcasts

Being a huge podcast junkie I am routinely entrenched in my favorite shows but quite often have trouble finding the time or opportunity to indulge in my beloved podcast feed. 

First off, there are times where I actually have to take my earbuds out, and yes... engage with my wife and kids from time to time. 

Then there are the times while I am in the car driving the kids to their next sports game and I am unable to put on the Monstruo true crime podcast or my favorite comedian who uses the occasional choice four-letter word because I do not dare subject my young children to inappropriate content. 

But, there is an even less favorable situation than abstaining from listening to a favored podcast show when the circumstances with my family will not allow for it. Instead of foregoing all entertainment, I can reluctantly put a DVD into the Honda Odyssey rear entertainment system.

Opting for the DVD, I am then subjected to the audio version of Finding Nemo for the five-hundredth time while my kids' brains deteriorate away with mind-numbing animation from Pixar. (I actually like Pixar but using a little hyperbole here to make a point.)

The 5 Best New True Crime Podcasts Of 2019

True Crime Podcasts 

The Explosive Genre

True crime is as much an American pastime as baseball and apple pie, thanks to the 2014 hit podcast Serial. But a lot has changed since then. In five short years, the true crime genre has exploded to include a huge variety of podcasts, ranging from narrative pieces like Serial to “murder comedies.”

What makes murder so fascinating for so many people? Maybe it is facing the limits of human cruelty, or the deliciously morbid details, or a failing justice system that gets your blood going. But what can not be denied is that true crime is thriving and here to stay. 

The genre is dominating the podcast charts with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Today, we are living in the golden age of true crime because there are literally hundreds of new podcasts to choose from. 

If you are looking for a new podcast show that is dark, compelling or just plain entertaining we got you covered.

Dr. Drew Sounds Dire Warnings On Homelessness In California - The Adam And Dr. Drew Show

The Adam And Dr. Drew Show

An Offshoot Of Loveline

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show is an extension of the fan-favorite Loveline syndicated radio program. Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky have been giving relationship and wellness advice for decades to multiple generations of young people from all walks of life.  

Dr. Drew is a board-certified physician and an addiction medicine specialist, not to mention being easy on the eyes which I suspect was a selling point for the producers at MTV, who carried a live audience version of Loveline during its height of popularity. 

Rob Bell & The Robcast Podcast: Real World Spirituality

A Spiritual Quest

I am hesitant in writing anything about spirituality for fear that my thoughts could get wrongfully conflated with reverence for organized religion.

Much about organized religion sends me running for cover. I do recognize and appreciate it does bring some peace and comfort into the lives of some people.

Unfortunately, even the solace it brings to some can at times be draped in the type of detrimental dogma that ultimately provides a net loss for society as a whole.

All that being said, I am on a spiritual quest. Make no mistake about it.

13 Best True Crime Podcasts For You

True Crime

The Podcast Explosion

The true crime genre for podcasts has hit the internet like a storm. This new wave of gripping productions seems to be serving a morbid curiosity that is encoded deep in the DNA of human beings.   

Society has always had an interest in the macabre. Whether it is Dateline, 20/20, Cops, or even Dr. Phil in certain moments, true crime has always had major traction on television and through other media like books and films.   

There is an entire television network dedicated to the genre, so this recent explosion in podcast shows makes total sense. The long-form audio format of a podcast allows the listener to not only get lost in the depth of the story but to also become privy to real audio clips from 911 calls and actual confessions recorded by the police.  

If you are already a fan of true crime or if you are looking to get indoctrinated into this thrilling new wave of investigative entertainment, we have compiled the ultimate true crime feature for you.

Howard Stern Show No Longer Compels Me To Listen

Howard Stern

The End For Me Has Arrived

I am a lifelong diehard Howard Stern fanatic and I am no longer compelled to tune into his show. Howard has earned my eternal gratitude for a 20+ year run of unparalleled entertainment, but that run has definitively ended for me.

Some changes in my consumption of entertainment coupled with some disappointing moments in the evolution of Howard's show have both lent to my current disinterest.

I am formally declaring the end of my listenership while also extending a heartfelt thanks to Howard and his staff. They colored my mornings in a manner that can never be replicated by any other personality or entertainment crew again.  

The Chernobyl Podcast

Defending The Great Bitter Land

“What is the cost of lies?”

That is the question that Valery Legasov, arguably the hero of the Chernobyl disaster, asks to himself on a tape-recorded recounting of the events right before he sadly dies by suicide. 

He did so two years to the day following the catastrophe that occurred in Pripyat Ukraine, in the commencing hours of April 26th, 1986. In fact, the title of the first episode is “1:23:45” which refers to the time in the morning that the core of reactor number four explodes inside of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. 

Joe Rogan Podcast's Best Recurring Guest: Duncan Trussell

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Top Of The Podcast Game

Podcasts have exploded over recent years. There seems to be a show available to fit anyone’s interest from the broadest of ranging topics to the most narrow of niches.

To me, there is no one creating better podcast content than Joe Rogan. He is a prolific producer of shows and his guests are consistently captivating.

Joe is a comedian at heart but his podcast show does not revolve around comedy. Quite often the discussions center around deconstructing life and examining current social issues. Those are the topics that have always most fascinated me about his show.

While there are countless individuals from a wide range of interest and walks of life who have made repeat visits to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast there is one individual who I believe is the undisputed best and greatest recurring guest. That guest is Duncan Trussell.

The Rachel Maddow Podcast - Questions Must Be Asked

Rachel Maddow Podcast

Asking All The Questions

Rachel Maddow has a signature styled ability to question and pursue a path of inquiry in a manner that both entertains and ultimately seeks to get to the truth. The onset of every show that Rachel stewards can be almost dizzying in the pace and plurality of figures and facts she weaves together almost like a prosecutor would in setting the story of a case.

5 Life Lessons From The Adam Carolla Show Podcast

“Carolla-isms”: Tools For Success

The name Adam Carolla may invoke memories of he and Jimmy Kimmel telling fart jokes to each other with mugs of beer in hand while objectified women jumped on trampolines. Truthfully, it was this preconceived notion of mine stemming from Carolla’s earlier work that kept me away from him throughout my formative young adult years.

Believe me, I am not averse to a good old fashion fart joke in the right mood and context but there seemed to plenty of dudes and shows doing that brand of humor already. I had my fix for all the potty humor I needed and was not looking to double down on it.

My perception of Carolla quickly started to change when I was listening to The Dennis Miller Show, on talk radio, where Adam was a frequent guest. To my surprise, I found Carolla to be extremely witty and humorous. But more importantly, during the more serious moments of the interview, I found him capable of bestowing wisdom to the listeners. Carolla also possessed a clarity of thought on serious and heady topics and was able to express himself accordingly.

The 13 Best Motivational Videos From The Jocko Podcast

The Jocko Podcast

A Unique Approach To Empowerment

There is a wealth of content available in the world of leadership and peak performance that is affirming, inspiring, and cheerful.

Then there is The Jocko Podcast, hosted by retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink, that approaches life and empowerment in a different manner than most.

Jocko is not here to motivate you. He believes motivation is a failed concept. Jocko feels If you rely on motivation to get through the daily grind of life you will eventually get burned by it.

Discipline is the calling card for Jocko. Jocko touts discipline over motivation all day.

The Bill Simmons Podcast - Most Downloaded Sports Podcast

Downloads Earned

The Bill Simmons Podcast is the most downloaded podcast within the sports category. That is quite the accomplishment for Simmons to pull off in an oversaturated podcasting landscape that is competing for fleeting and fickle attention spans.

Within minutes of listening to The Bill Simmons Podcast, it becomes evident to me why Bill and his prominent rotating crew of credentialed sports commentators have achieved such lofty heights in the world of podcasting.

And no, it has nothing to do with getting to hear my beloved Pearl Jam at the start of each show with Simmons having selected a live version of Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy” as his intro song for each episode.

Wondery Drops Mike Boudet And His Sword And Scale Podcast From Its Network

Podcast Chaos

In a shocking announcement late Saturday afternoon, Wondery parted ways with Mike Boudet and his Sword and Scale podcast prompting Sword & Scale to abruptly inform its Patreon supporters of the major news. The partnership with the podcasting giant allowed creator Mike Boudet to launch its popular hit flagship show Sword & Scale into the top of the true crime podcasting world.

Murder On The Space Coast Returns With Season #4

True Crime Florida Style

Dick Crandall is not your average 78-year-old Florida retiree unless the retirees you know roll around trailer parks with fat pockets of prescription pills for sale. Add onto that pretty picture a drug-addicted younger girlfriend and her drug-addicted son both shacking up with Dick and you have got yourself some good old fashion chaos brewing up in the small coastal town of Brevard County in Florida.

To further lend to the insanity of this story and to prove true life is far more bonkers than any Hollywood script, Dick’s ex-girlfriend happens to be his current girlfriend’s sister and the two sisters along with the addict son are all thick as thieves.

All of this Florida born madness can only mean one thing and that is the true crime podcast series Murder On The Space Coast is back for season number 4. This time around they got another doozy on their hands.

Hostage By Parcast Debuts 2-Part John McCain P.O.W. Special


Parcast has rapidly established themselves as a creative force and major player in the ever-expanding world of podcasting.  

One of the many things I appreciate about Parcast is that each show they put out has a similar style and brand, giving the entirety of their network a familiar feel stemming from their approach towards storytelling.

We all know by now that the true crime genre has essentially taken over the podcast-sphere with what feels like an infinitesimal amount of true crime shows. What makes the shows on Parcast unique is the network’s perfected proprietary blend, akin to Reeses melding peanut butter and chocolate, of professional narration coupled with the psychological, almost clinical, approach to covering the granular details of investigative sagas.

It is a creative formula that works tremendously for both entertaining and informing their listeners.