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Dr. Drew Sounds Dire Warnings On Homelessness In California - The Adam And Dr. Drew Show

Dr. Drew Sounds Dire Warnings On Homelessness In California - The Adam And Dr. Drew Show

The Adam And Dr. Drew Show

An Offshoot Of Loveline

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show is an extension of the fan-favorite Loveline syndicated radio program. Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky have been giving relationship and wellness advice for decades to multiple generations of young people from all walks of life.  

Dr. Drew is a board-certified physician and an addiction medicine specialist, not to mention being easy on the eyes which I suspect was a selling point for the producers at MTV, who carried a live audience version of Loveline during its height of popularity. 

Comedian, and former Loveline co-host, Adam Carolla, chimes in on The Adam And Dr. Drew Show with entertaining quips and nuggets of grounded wisdom. Carolla has grown to become an everyman’s sage of sorts through a life of working with his hands and a displayed stoicism that even Spock from Star Trek would admire.  

Adam Carolla has launched a podcasting empire on the back of his radio accomplishments but recently seems like has been marginalized for taking a right-leaning stance on many issues. However, Dr. Drew still brings Hollywood credibility from his previous HLN hosting days and current involvement in the Teen Mom franchise on MTV.

The duo, who share brilliant broadcasting chemistry, bring up and discuss the salient issues of the day on their daily podcast The Adam and Dr. Drew Show which is produced by Carolla Digital and distributed by PodcastOne.

A Growing Humanitarian Crisis 

The co-hosts are both life long California natives and their hometown Golden State has been experiencing an exponentially growing homeless population problem. San Francisco is a city that immediately comes to mind and has recently made national headlines as having a major homelessness crisis but Los Angeles is suffering its own plight as a city.  

The infamous “Skid Row” of downtown Los Angeles features blocks and blocks of tents on the sidewalks and camps strewn across the landscape. Mayor Eric Garcetti proclaimed immediately following his mayoral inauguration that the homelessness problem is Los Angeles was the number one issue facing the metropolis. 

Ironically, despite the mayors’ declaration and acknowledgment of the social ail, it is becoming increasingly worse under Garcetti’s leadership. Adam Carolla has long endured his fanbase with passionate rants about issues that affect the everyman such as traffic, civility in public, and local government but the 2019 iteration of The Adam and Dr. Drew Show is heavily focused on this issue.

Being lifetime residents of Los Angeles, Adam and Drew can not help but be compelled to comment on the pathology of the increasingly growing homeless population that is troubling the region.

Dr. Drew Sounding The Alarm

For the few years that The Adam and Dr. Drew Show podcast has been out in the podcast-sphere, Drew would from time to time bring up the issue of homelessness and mental illness from a physician’s standpoint. But it now seems to be something that Dr. Drew discusses more frequently and with a greater urgency on the podcast.  

Dr. Drew notes as a physician obligated by the Hippocratic oath that people are suffering in misery on a daily basis on a mass scale in his city. The pair complain that they are literally stepping over sick people in the streets of Los Angeles.   

He had previously warned that if this problem was left to fester and not addressed properly, there would be a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions similar to the days of the bubonic plague. There are some counts noting as many as 60,000 people living on the streets with no provisions for their urine and feces giving rise to rat infestations. Dr. Drew feels it is inevitable just based on the sanitary conditions alone that the outbreak of widespread diseases is almost a certainty.  

Furthermore, Dr. Drew believes that the problem is so dire that if the politicians and bureaucrats do nothing about it, that they should be held accountable to the highest degree. According to Pinksy, the rat population is growing and human beings living on the streets are going to contract deadly diseases like typhus, typhoid fever, measles, and tuberculosis. We are facing a crisis of medieval proportions, warns Dr. Drew.

But biological threats to the human population is not the only existential threat according to Pinsky. Those upwards of 60,000 people are disposing of drug paraphernalia and the aforementioned human waste which is running into our drainage system and ultimately going into the ocean and ecosystem on a daily basis. As a result, warns Drew, the wildlife of California is dying off and being drastically affected directly as a result of the homeless population problem.  

A Partisan Problem?

Homelessness is a problem that is not new to major urban cities, however, what concerns Dr. Drew and Carolla is some of the new rhetoric that is being spouted by homeless advocates and liberal politicians, typically who seemed to be on the realistic side of this issue in the past. The way that the homeless problem is being talked about and handled recently, though, by certain politicians and pundits, is disturbing and confusing according to the pair.

For one, the main cause of the problem according to many of these California politicians and pundits is a problem of affordable housing. California, especially in San Francisco and Los Angeles, have some of the highest costs of living in the country if not the world. 

In an open letter that Garcetti published in the LA Times, Garcetti sites that an earthquake that occurred in 1906 compounded with the lack of affordable housing as the primary reasons for the 16% year over year increase in the Los Angeles’ homeless population.

The LA Times published an article citing a homelessness expert and advocate who claimed that only 13%-15% of the nations homeless population are mentally ill. Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla were shocked by this proclamation and statistic. They are concerned there is a more nefarious agenda that is driving politicians and the media to push these suspicious numbers.  

Nearly 100% of the homeless population on the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco that Carolla and Drew have encountered are either drug-addicted and or suffer from some sort of mental illness problem. So where is this denial of these almost certain common characteristics coming from? Is it political? Or worse, is it politically incorrect?

Dr. Drew In The Streets 

Dr. Drew recently spent a week on the streets of Los Angeles to assess the problem first hand and he proclaimed recently on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show that 100% of all of the homeless people that he personally interacted with were either mentally ill or drug-addicted.  

Dr. Drew also reported that he came across some opportunistic and exploitative individuals living amongst the masses in the tent cities that were not befallen to the streets through a mental illness or drug addiction. These people were gang members that were providing drugs, prostitution, or undertaking drug-running operations. 

There is an underbelly of criminal exploitation that has arisen as a result of the homelessness epidemic. This is a crisis of epic proportions. People on the streets are suffering and they are not being offered practical solutions. This ultimately makes California politicians culpable and they should be held accountable for their inaction.  

Adam Carolla recently had a guest on his motivational podcast Take A Knee who was previously homeless and lived on the streets for several years. That guest told Carolla that almost everyone that he knew when living on the streets was addicted to some sort of substance and had some sort of vice whether it was drugs or alcohol.  

So it is baffling to many why certain California politicians and articles in major media outlets refuse to acknowledge that drugs and mental health issues are the main causes of the homelessness problem. Why do they seem to be in denial when for many of us it is plainly understood?

The lack of affordable housing as a cause of the rising homeless population seems bizarre and agenda-driven. Dr. Drew points out that the United States, particularly California, takes on hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Mexico, South America, India, and Africa annually. Miraculously, these individuals and families are able to find some form of work and housing.  

The availability of affordable housing falls short as a credible cause of the pervasive homelessness issues facing the major cities in the state of California. Rather, according to Dr. Drew and Carolla, it is a combination of the good California weather, mental illness, and tolerance of open-air drug use that are driving up the increasing numbers of tent cities sprouting throughout the downtown L.A. metropolis.  

A Model For Hope?

Adam and Dr. Drew recently applauded the Mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, for taking real-world practical solutions in trying to mitigate and curtail the homelessness problems that face Southern California.  

Recently, he used his executive powers as mayor to push for three “bridge shelters” for the homeless population of San Diego. These facilities are also combined with family unification programs that help these individuals who are being sheltered have access to case workers that work to reunite them with their families from all over the country.  

To not acknowledge that mental illness and drug abuse factors significantly into homelessness seems odd and at worst underhanded. Even more concerning, by denying them, it is only contributing to ever-growing numbers of the homeless population which could ultimately end up in a huge humanitarian crisis if nothing is to be done. 

So where is this notion coming from that denies that addiction and mental illness are major factors in dealing with the homelessness crisis? It almost seems silly to not address this as a major issue confronting the homeless population.  

Is it left-wing politicians vying for socialist and wealth re-distributing policies? Does attacking the opioid crisis fly in the face of the cannabis and drug legalization advocates? Is it politicians that do not want to be criticized for perhaps stigmatizing mentally ill people?  

It is bizarre and confusing as to why thousands of people are permitted to live in unsanitary conditions in the middle of downtown Los Angeles and San Francisco using illicit narcotics in the open air and to say that only if there was affordable housing the issue would be remedied.  

Many of these people do not want to come off of the streets because they have access to the drugs that they seek and other addicts to enable the behavior. Dr. Drew seems sincere in that he wants to help the thousands of people suffering from mental illness, addiction, and living on the streets in unsanitary and deadly conditions.

Dr. Drew’s Suggested Approach To Homelessness 

Dr. Drew argues for expanding the definition of mental illness to include not being able to house yourself along with expanding the definitions of conservatorship. He is in favor of undertaking these paradigm shifts while working with local government officials to get people the medical assistance that they need and to get them reunited with their family members. The problem will only get worse and more deadly if politicians play political games and sit on the sidelines.  

Pinsky is so outraged that he considered suing local government officials as being responsible for people dying on the streets. The housing availability argument is a hoax being perpetrated on us, according to Pinsky. He is firm in his belief that this is a mental illness crisis on our hands and should be dealt with as such.  

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show is looked on by many as an extension of the old syndicated radio show Loveline. There is a lot of truth to that. Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew in the late 1990s were not afraid to discuss uncomfortable issues with young adults and provided a public service in giving them information on often uncomfortable issues like sex, drugs, abuse, and relationships. 

They are often criticized for exploiting celebrities or being misogynistic troglodytes drinking beer while cracking wise. All the while, Adam and Dr. Drew have been going against the grain for decades in a positive way and should be commended for what they bring to an ever deteriorating media that is losing credibility by the day. 

I encourage all fans of podcasts to subscribe to The Adam and Dr. Drew Show and be open to listening to some eye-opening conversations from some differing perspectives. 

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