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Bodies Podcast

The Wonder Of Our Bodies

Our bodies, their functionality, and their intricate design are truly something to marvel at. Our bodies can also, unfortunately, veer off into dysfunctional physiological behavior, firing off discomforting or even bizarre outbreaks of symptoms at times.

Oftentimes, many of us ignore rashes, bumps, or other more alarming signals from our bodies in hopes that whatever the heck is causing the current malfunctioning will simply go away.

When we do finally find the time or get up the necessary courage to go see a doctor, we are often treated to a 5-minute crash course visit with an overworked and seemingly uninterested healthcare provider who quickly grabs for a prescription pad prior to even having an in-depth or probative conversation with us.

All of this can lead to angst, frustration, and if not carefully taken care of some potentially serious health consequences.

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Bodies Podcast

This is the backdrop and setup to a brand new podcast offering, Bodies, that is based on the pervasive nature of these situations that quietly go on throughout millions of households and healthcare offices across the world.

People are creeped out or in dire concern for their current state of bodily misfires but are either too frozen by fear to make a proper inquiry or are getting the runaround from a broken healthcare system.

We as humans can go to great lengths as well to mentally adjust to our own pain and suffering, establishing some sort of new norm that is riddled with discomfort.

Brave And Vulnerable Tales

The story from the debut episode of Bodies comes directly from the show founder and host, Allison Behringer, themselves. With some remarkable vulnerability and commendable bravery, Behringer tells her personal tale of being embattled by considerable pains during sex and the toll this has taken on her personal life.

I will keep the root cause quiet for now, to be properly revealed for you through the podcast episode experience, but will state that this episode and Allison’s selfless sharing of her struggles could potentially help many women across the globe.

Through these tales of mysterious medical challenges, we also see some life journeys being interweaved throughout the episodes as well. In one episode there is a young woman embattled with severe bleeding, who makes a radical move out of the country to become empowered in the process.

There is also a beautiful and heart-melting moment between Behringer and her Mom that underscores the power of this podcast show, far beyond tending to one’s health.

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Bodies is a welcomed addition to the podcasting world that mixes up a little bit of wellness, a hint of mystery, and plenty of compelling and heartfelt entertainment. It is the just the right mix of information and intrigue to make Bodies a mainstay in the podcasting landscape.

Do check out Bodies and please do get your own nagging bodily malfunctions checked out and resolved for good.