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Podcasts To Listen To: SHAMEBOOTH

Podcasts To Listen To: SHAMEBOOTH


Speak Your Shame

I first became consciously aware of shame when I was undertaking psychotherapy.

Prior to this discussion with my therapist, I had always known the word shame and had a cursory understanding of the emotion, but never quite possessed the self-awareness to grasp the burden it could impose upon our lives.

When initially discussing shame with my therapist she told me about Dr. Brene Brown, a research professor, and suggested I become familiar with her TED Talk on shame. It is one of the most viewed TED Talks ever and upon viewing the video I immediately felt why it resonates so deeply with people.

In her talk, Dr. Brown openly describes her own personal entanglement with shame and details how it can manifest within us. She also implores each and every one of us to live a more daring and vulnerable life.

SHAMEBOOTH Podcast is a relatively new podcast offering founded by host Paula Williams and produced by SOUND MADE PUBLIC. I was intrigued by the name of the podcast alone but grew more interested during the introductory episode when Williams acknowledged Dr. Brene Brown as a champion for all of humanity with the critical work she has done in the space of shame.

For some reason, I personally needed to hear Dr. Brown referenced or cited somehow in any type of work that is going to be exploring the daunting concept of shame.

SHAMEBOOTH Podcast made that acknowledgment right up front and like Dr. Brown, they have gone on to make their own empowering impact on the shared psyche of humanity. They have done so through their unique and highly creative podcast series featuring their SHAMEBOOTH recording platform.

A Platform For Transformation

The SHAMEBOOTH recording mechanism is an old phone booth that Paula Williams had repurposed to become a platform for people to walk into and “speak their shame” as the tagline for the show states.

The participants who share in the booth grant permission to the podcast to record and capture their unburdenings. The resulting audio is captivating and more importantly, the impact on the individuals who share is nothing short of miraculous. There is a cascading effect of healing and positivity that ripples out to the listeners as well.

Williams also brings in credentialed experts to help examine the situations and not only bring comfort to the listeners but also tools and tips to deal with our own bouts of shame.

The Compounding Weight Of Shame

Shame can be suffocating and unrelenting in its ability to resurface in our minds and take up residence in our guts. Shame is complex and there is not always a direct line between the causes and effects of this emotion. It is not as simple as “I did something wrong and now I feel shame”, which more often could be an expression of the emotion of guilt.

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There is a distinction between shame and guilt. One of the expert guests on SHAMEBOOTH even noted that guilt can be a socially constructive emotion at times and is one we should favor expressing over shame.

People from all walks of life enter the booth and reveal stories of addiction, feelings of unworthiness, tales of regret, and more. None of it is exploitative or done in a manner to titillate, like some tawdry shows from the past like Taxicab Confessions. This is a deeply personal and quite often a transformative process for the people that share.

They walk into the booth carrying with them the compounding weight of shame, sometimes having dragged this burden for decades, and finally let go with a cathartic share in a supportive and compassionate setting.

"Episode 5: Gender And Sexuality With Guest Ash Beckham"

SHAMEBOOTH struck podcasting gold with guest Ash Beckham, an equality advocate.

Beckham details on this episode all the trials and tribulations she has encountered with shame in trying to figure out who she was and how she should authentically express her gender and sexuality.

Beckham also believes that every single person on earth has a “coming out of the closet” situation to contend with and that concept of the “closet” does not need to be limited to just sexuality.

Ash believes the closet is a metaphor for any difficult conversation or anything someone has been holding deep within themselves and is scared to share it with their closest loved ones.

She believes holding onto such difficult things is crippling to our beings and she encourages everyone to be authentic and direct with the people they are most connected with.

Like Dr. Brene Brown, Ash Beckham is a hero for humanity. The world needs brave souls sharing and encouraging others to be vulnerable and courageous in our own lives.

A Critical Mission

SHAMEBOOTH is on a mission to not only provide an outlet for people to speak their shame, but to also provide resources and experts to continue this much-needed conversation about shame in a supportive and daring fashion.

Go listen to SHAMEBOOTH and become inspired to live a more authentic and expressed life.  


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