Monstruo: Incongruity True Crime’s Latest Offering

True Crime Dream Team

“The heart of a man is delicious” are the only notes in the feed description of the new terrifying podcast Monstruo. Finally, we have the ultimate new macabre offering from a true crime and dark fiction podcasting dream team.

That team is comprised of Sword and Scale creator Mike Boudet, Jack Luna, the creator of Dark Topic, and Tyler Bell, author and producer of The Westside Fairy Tales. Fans of these respective shows will be in their glory with Monstruo.

The project, according to Mike Boudet, has been in the works for over a year. After a couple of teaser episodes and a documentary style preview, the long-anticipated true crime, psychological, and downright creepy podcast finally arrived on January 9th, 2019.

I am a huge fan of Boudet’s Sword and Scale and the masterful job that the show does in using real audio clips, news footage, police interviews, and 911 tapes.

Mike Boudet artfully produces and narrates a podcast every other week that plays with the listener’s emotions as the twisted tales unravel.

I once heard Boudet say that he was a huge fan of Dark Topic’s Jack Luna so I was fortunate enough to be turned onto that grim, true crime podcast through Boudet’s endorsement.

Now with their powers combined, be it Boudet’s skillful audio production capabilities or Jack Luna and Tyler Bell’s ghastly imaginations, episode one, “The Butcher” has arrived and it delivers as advertised. It is flat out awesome.


Monstruo is a little different then many of the true crime podcasts you may be used to. It is not a documentary style, nor is it a bunch of hosts reviewing a murder case and giving you their opinion. Rather, it is a novella style fictional audio drama but it is based on and inspired by real-life cases.  

The lines of fiction and reality are blurred for sure. Mike Boudet narrates each tale and Jack Luna interjects in a second person style voice. There are sound effects throughout the episode, but they are well timed and added in a subtle manner just like a little salt and pepper to a well-cut piece of meat. Pun fully intended there.

I think the most stunning aspect of this project is that these guys are getting deep into the head of a deranged, psychopathic, serial killer. It is all quite disturbing. The fact that they do such an extensive job delving into the minutia of what these sick individuals were thinking leading up to their morose crimes, makes me question the mental health of some of my favorite podcasters.  

Jack Luna and Tyler Bell acknowledge on the preview show that many times, they had to walk away from writing these episodes because of the demented nature of the content of the stories they tell.


”The Butcher”

“The Butcher” takes place in the rural, lonely outskirts of Berlin Germany.  We see how solitude, abandonment, and mental disease break down the main character. They take us down that bleak path of how a deranged psychopath is obsessed with his cannibal fantasy and how he goes about indulging and engaging in that fantasy.  

The writing is so well done that you are taken through the mundane details of this psychopath's everyday life. The end result is like painting a picture of a true crime horror in 1080p high-definition color.  

The production and delivery of Monstruo are breathtaking. It feels so real and so personal. For true crime diehards, it is what everyone has been waiting for.

Boudet Not Backing Down

With all of the heat that Sword and Scale’s Boudet has been taking recently on social media for perhaps politically incorrect interactions with fans and his recent bout with the Patreon platform, the questionable lines that Monstruo tiptoes up to is Boudet’s way of telling his fans that he has no thoughts of looking back and succumbing to his critics.  

Listen To Monstruo At Your Own Peril

With episodes that take a psychological deep dive into the intimate thoughts of lunatics like Andrei Chikatilo and Jean Claude Romand, this morbidly shocking podcast pulls no punches.

Monstruo gives the Dark Topic, Westside Fairy Tales and Sword and Scale fans their highly concentrated dose of true crime as they grow ever so tolerant to the insatiable fix of podcasts.  

If you are sensitive, easily offended, or faint of heart, by all means, DO NOT LISTEN to this podcast. Each week, I anxiously await the next offering.