Podcasts To Listen To: Murder On The Space Coast - A True Crime Podcast Review

Murder On The Space Coast

When disclaimers are announced at the onset of a show warning the viewer or listener that the proceeding material could be unsuitable for sensitive audiences I quite often pay little attention to the forewarning.

Never has a disclaimer been more fitting and never should anyone have to heed these words with such caution as when entering the dark, disturbing, yet highly captivating world of Murder On The Space Coast.

A Reality More Harrowing Than Fiction

This is not a show steeped in blood and gore or featuring a Hollywood style horror antagonist. Murder On The Space Coast is more about a glimpse into the world of the most depraved, dysfunctional, and frankly sickening family structures one could imagine.

Instead of nervously hiding under your covers, you will be checking your neighbor’s windows and wondering can humanity this damaged be living anywhere within your own community.

An Array Of Emotions

Beyond the gut-turning you will experience within moments of the first episode, there is angst, suspense, and at times downright sorrow you are sure to feel when you strap in and commit for the ride of the three available seasons of Murder On The Space Coast.

This detailed and compelling true crime podcast, hosted by Florida Today investigative journalist John Torres, goes well beyond shock value and shines a much-needed light on the corruption and conspiracies of certain prosecutors from a small beach town in Florida back in the early 1980’s.

A Mission Beyond Entertainment

It is this season 2 examination of corruption and how four young men’s lives got completely turned upside down that at times caused more distress to my soul than even a gory murder scene could illicit.

In season 3, the most current offering, the format, and focus get changed up completely introducing the tale of a mysterious vanishing of a popular and capable blonde firefighting woman, ultimately deemed a homicide by authorities. Twists and turns abound, season 3 might be the shows finest work yet.

Characters Too Rich For Fiction

The characters and details of the stories chronicled on Murder On The Space Coast at times feel too despicable and or preposterous to be believed. Certain revelations within the series will make you want to go running straight to a church or bury your head deep into the sand. I am of the personal belief that as members of society these are the moments we actually must dig in and pay active attention to what is being told.

Through Murder On The Space Coast, our hope for humanity also gets rescued by some inspiring individuals with the highest of character possible. Against the rising tide of despair, lone investigators do appear to lend support to victims and finally get justice served against a deplorable individual who committed heinous acts.

We are also treated to the side-story of a retired detective working the season 3 disappearance deemed murder case solely for the desire to seek justice and reprieve purpose in his own life.

Humanity Examined

True crime often gets misunderstood as exploitation of death or glorification of criminals. While I can not speak to every single piece of content out there within the genre, I think in general true crime speaks to a significant part of the human experience that is all too often and too easily ignored out of fear and wanting to avoid feeling hurt.

John Torres does a dutiful job here at no doubt providing a fully entertaining package of shows but more importantly demanding from the world that corruption is examined while also honoring the lives of victims. John is giving voice to the voiceless.

From a listener's perspective, Torres does a masterful job of continually reminding us of key moments, important players, and highlighting nuggets of information that will become more prominent later on in the story. It is these prompts and reminders from Torres that keep the many moving parts of Murder On The Space Coast from becoming overwhelming.

Murder On The Space Coast is also a unique opportunity to ride shotgun with an investigative journalist while is he is deep in the throes of still actually investigating the stories. Revelations unfold and details crystallize as the series progresses.

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Stories That Demand Our Attention

If you are a fan of true crime than this show is a no-brainer. I want to make a plea to folks beyond enthusiasts of any specific genre, though, too. Murder On The Space Coast highlights stories that need to echo throughout all of society.

These stories of dysfunction within families and conspiratorial corruption within communities are not to be ignored. These are components of the human condition that must be examined, at times with eyes wide open, as painful as it may be.

Go listen to Murder On The Space Coast now but please do be warned. The material you are about to listen to may not be suitable for sensitive audiences.

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