Podcasts To Listen To: MarketSnacks Daily - Now Snacks Daily By Robinhood Snacks

Update: MarketSnacks Acquired By Robinhood

Since the initial publication date of this piece, some major news got dropped with MarketSnacks having been acquired by financial tech outfit Robinhood.

Robinhood is a no-fee investing platform aimed at millennials and younger and was apparently looking to add a media component to their tech-centered investment platform. It seems like a no-brainer, match made in heaven to partner with the MarketSnacks team.

The MarketSnacks newsletter will now be known as Robinhood Snacks with the podcast being rebranded simply as Snacks Daily.

MarketSnacks Daily Podcast

Business turns on disruptors, groundbreakers, and innovators. The financial markets seem to constantly glow red hot with a buzz and energy equal to the staggering sums of money exchanging hands from bell to bell.  

So with all these flashy descriptors surrounding business and investing why does the media coverage seem to be relegated to the old guard, stodgy personas like Duke & Duke straight out of the movie Trading Places.

Or on the other end of the spectrum, you have egomaniacs screaming full-throated on cable television about their brilliance related to options trading, a specific type of investing I will most likely never employ in my financial strategies.

If you agree that most content related to business and investing are not befitting of the highly intriguing subject matter they attempt to cover nor are they delivered for the new media-driven times we live in, enter our savior, the MarketSnacks Daily podcast show.

Not Your Father’s Business News

MarketSnacks Daily brings bite-sized nuggets of business and financial market content each weekday driven by easily absorbable stories, packaged in a current day and cheerful manner, but never to the detriment of being highly informative.

This podcast is the natural offshoot of the MarketSnacks newsletter, founded by Jack Kramer and Nick Martell, who handle production and hosting duties on the podcast format as well.

I am fascinated by business and I am tethered to the markets through retirement accounts, whether I want to be or not. Until someone figures out another vehicle for retirement not beholden to Wall Street, we are all stuck there trying to make the best go of it as possible, so why not be enlightened a bit?


There is no other business and investment-focused media platform that feels like it is catering to me and all my friends. CNBC is either propping up some stuffy investment firm founder from the stone age or has blowhards like Jim Cramer yelling and obnoxiously pounding on sound effects buttons. Forget about business and investment magazines too, as that format does not capture my attention for long.

Your Focused Business Fix

MarketSnacks Daily brings today’s business and market knowledge in a tightly produced, story-driven format. Each episode clocks in around 15 minutes, so getting your daily financial fix no longer needs to mean suffering through filler, egos with agendas, or protracted discussions hyper-focused on boring subjects like bond market rates.

Recent episodes featured intriguing stories on Tesla, Lyft, Bitcoin, Jack Daniels, Rue La La, and other heavy hitter businesses and topics that we should all have awareness of. They run wide with their coverage and topics, not so much deep, allowing for a high-velocity format that provides us the listener with a breadth of contemporary business and market knowledge.


Co-hosts Jack and Nick both share a knack for being light-hearted in their approach to producing content, without crossing the danger zone of poorly attempted comedy or getting lost down schtick rabbit holes. They sprinkle in just the proper amount of laughs, to keep what could otherwise become a stuffy conversation, fun and entertaining.

Fitting For Our Times

I love consuming content. There is a wealth of digital content creators out there that nourish my brain with tips and stories to drive more fulfillment, passion, and productivity in my life. Guys like Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, and Evan Carmichael are just a few that fuel my daily pursuits of life.

MarketSnacks Daily feels like the perfect complement within the world of podcasts and digital content creators to up my game when it comes to business and financial market knowledge while getting entertained.

Do check out MarketSnacks Daily each day and stay up to speed with the fast-paced and ever-changing world of business and financial investing. If you have any form of a retirement account, you are vested in this world whether you like it or not. Might as well have some fun while getting yourself informed.

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