Podcasts To Listen To: One Life One Chance With Toby Morse

A Thirst For Inspiration

There is a reason that self-help and personal development are an 11 billion dollar per year industry. Life has a way of throwing an unending parade of stressors and difficulties in our path. Couple those challenges with that feeling in our gut that there is something out there in the world that is better for us and you can see why many are seeking to grow and find more fulfillment out of life.

There are countless personas within the world of creating empowering content who have authored books, made audio recordings, and delivered soaring motivational speeches in halls across the world.

The access to this life-enriching content is mostly available right at our fingertips to stream on demand for free. Whether you are looking to shed an old destructive habit, start a new business, or undertake a new mindfulness practice, there is sure to be a message that can speak directly to you.

What do you do if you are just a kid, though, looking to escape the trappings and pitfalls of a neglectful and abusive home? What if people like Tony Robbins, a legendary figure to most, seem like oversized personalities from a world you do not recognize speaking in a language you do not speak.

For many people in this world, trying to make their way in life has more to do with day-to-day survival than it does with navigating an executive boardroom. For those aspiring spirts, there is a brand of hardcore punk that has been around for decades espousing the virtues of carrying a positive mental attitude through life, known in shorthand as PMA, and there is no more of an iconic figure in that underground world than H2O frontman Toby Morse.

Hardcore Punk Stalwart

Make no mistake, the kids out there on the streets or struggling to escape a dysfunctional home deserve to dream the biggest and brightest dreams imaginable, in line with any fat-pocketed businessman plunking down thousands of dollars to attend a Tony Robbins retreat.

Toby Morse wants everyone to live their most expressed life possible and he has been championing positivity in his lyrics through H2O songs since the mid-’90s.

Luckily now for us all, we will get unfiltered access to Toby’s unbridled enthusiasm for attacking life through a totally different medium other than music. Toby is now making his first foray into podcasting by launching the One Life One Chance podcast.

One Life One Chance Podcast

Positivity, fighting through fears and taking the reins of your own life. These are values Toby has promoted through song for decades and will undoubtedly continue to encourage through his new podcast show.

With an expansive network built through years of touring the globe, Toby is sure to tap a diverse and intriguing array of guests to join him on his show. First up, might be the most personal and fitting guest Toby could ever ask to join him and that is none other than his own Mom.

Episode 1: 5 Year Plan With Linda Morse

For anyone that is even a casual fan of H2O, Toby’s Mom has been in our conscience ever since hearing Toby and the band proudly sing out one of the most anthemic and uplifting punk rock sing-alongs in the history of the genre, “The 5 Year Plan”.

That song melodically documents the struggles his Mom has endured ever since Toby was a little toddler and the Morse family lost their patriarch who passed at just 33 years old.

Every time I hear that song ring out I am immediately transformed into a different emotional state. That is the power of music, but it is also the power of will and an undeniable determination to carry one’s self through any struggle with an open heart and a positive mindset.

In Toby’s debut episode of the One Life One Chance podcast, those same emotions get touched upon through the sweet display of a mother’s unconditional and boundless love for her son.

Toby’s conversation with his dear mother was heartfelt, raw, and accented with just the right amount of humor and sarcasm. It contained everything we have come to expect from Toby with perhaps more vulnerability shining through thanks to the medium of podcasting that allows for more breadth and depth in exploring topics.   

Keep That PMA

The world of podcasting has a bright new persona making content today and I have no doubt that anyone who listens to the One Life One Chance podcast will be a little bit better equipped in mentality and spirit to take on the world. Do check out Toby’s new podcast and do maintain that PMA.

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