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Stan Lee

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I can not think of any other artist who has made the kind of pervasive and persistent impression on Pop Culture as comic book genius Stan Lee has.

The characters he created are enmeshed in the fabrics of our lives through varying media and an endless stream of branded product. From blockbuster commercial movie success to the Spider-Man pajamas my son adorns at bedtime, his mark has been left indelibly on our society and we are the better for it.

With this kind of generational, lightning in a bottle success comes a massive empire of riches and assets. Stan Lee had amassed the kind of wealth that most common working folk cannot even begin to wrap their heads around.

Having that kind of lucrative empire attached to the iconic nature of Stan’s illustrious career tends to bring people out of the woodwork day and night angling to secure some sort of benefit from Stan’s vast comic kingdom.

The Podcast

Scandal...Stan Lee’s World: His Real Life Battle With Heroes And Villains

Scandal is a brand new podcast offering from Alan Duke, a previous long-time true crime reporter from CNN. Duke sets out to untangle the many woven webs surrounding Stan Lee’s life and death and the many true-life characters that orbited Lee’s world.

If the debut episode is any indicator of what is in store for the series of Scandal then we are in for a rollicking journey filled with personas large enough to warrant their own comic rendition, especially Lee’s daughter J.C. Lee.

Not to be outdone by the debut, the second episode ratchets up the scandalous element of the show considerably with a roundtable discussion between Duke and subject matter experts parsing out some anonymous texts Duke had been receiving since the show premiered. These texts alleging that Lee was physically assaulted resulting in a murder the day he died.

It was an episode Duke had intended to focus on some other matters in the unraveling of the Lee tale but he felt compelled to address these frightening anonymous texts with immediacy in the podcast series.  

Reporter Or Aggrieved Party?

Based on the final few minutes of the second episode, however, I am beginning to have some slight reservations about the motives and intentions here of the host, Alan Duke, himself. The second episode took an interesting and curious turn when Duke ended the episode offering what felt like a feigned apology to me in regards to an incident between him and J.C. Lee.

This was a contentious situation that occurred while they were apparently spending time together socially years ago. Even more bizarre and questionable to me, Duke had audio footage of their fallout from that night. Why would he be recording anything that seemed to be a private social engagement between them?

The final few minutes of the second episode felt like Duke was exposing himself possibly as just another former insider of the Lee empire who got cast off and is feeling scorned. The playing of the private audio from a personal gathering and the tone of the apology he issued to J.C. Lee all felt as they were intended to embarrass Lee as opposed to making any true amends.

This is purely my speculation and interpretation of a rather peculiar turn the podcast series took but I must say I am even more intrigued now to see this series through.  

J.C. Lee

J.C. Lee is a pistol, to put it mildly. She is a tall, blonde bombshell who is in her late 60’s but claims to be no older than her late 40’s. Having suffered a tragic death of a baby sibling when she was just a toddler and then subsequently grew up amongst a father who skyrocketed to fame later in his adult life has seemed to create quite the complicated family dynamic for J.C. and the Lees.

On the day her father died J.C. Lee was giving interviews to the likes of TMZ making curious claims about her own comic book creation Dirt Man, a character she says her father was going to champion for her.

This kind of bizarre focus for J.C. on the day her Dad died feels like a glimpse into the complex family relationship that Alan Duke is set to peel back like an onion on Scandal.

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Investigative Or Editorial Podcast?

Duke has access to an expansive network surrounding the Lee empire which he taps for direct insight into the story but how much is Duke himself enmeshed in this quagmire?

This is sure to be a thorough and compelling unpacking of one of the more intriguing self-made men in the history of America with perhaps a side story of the narrator and host themselves being at odds with some of the main players.

Do jump on board with Scandal and get riveted by a world of riches, infighting, and a cast of characters that surrounded one of the most impactful artists of our time.

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Have you listened to Scandal yet? How do you feel about the host Alan Duke’s role and impact on the show? Is he being an impartial investigator or does he feel like one of the characters mixed up in Stan Lee’s world as well? Please comment. We would love to hear from you.