Podcasts To Listen To: Skimm This - Daily News Podcast

Information Overload

Broadcast news comes at us in a fast and furious pace these days on a 24-7 cycle. We are drinking from the proverbial firehose of information with much of the context and detail flying right beyond our faces.

There is also the ever-growing phenomena of hyper-partisan talking points and ego creeping into many of the shows on cable news outlets. These are shows often produced with talking heads shouting past each other with hyperbole and rhetoric.

Staying informed without getting sucked into a vortex of sensationalized stories or agenda driven editorial commentary can be quite the challenge. The world of podcasting, though, just got a brand new entry in Skimm This that is looking to be a daily resource for bite-sized, story-driven nuggets of news stripped of the fluff and filler that corrodes most traditional news outlets.

A Refreshing Approach

No over annunciating, dinosaur aged news anchors waxing poetically in a speaking manner that no regular human being ever undertakes in conversation. Skimm This delivers a concise yet thorough recounting of the day’s biggest topics in a manner and ease of speak like we are saddled up to one of our most informed best buds and sharing a beverage with them.

The casual communication style from the host and narrator of Skimm This allows the story itself to be the focal point of the show instead of some network conglomerate’s star anchor overriding the content with self-interest and vanity.

Skimm This purposely drops their new episodes daily at 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday to get the masses caught up on the pressing matters of the day while most folks are wrapping up their day of work and are beginning to head for home.

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Just The Facts

No political leaning has been revealed to me thus far through the episodes I have listened to of Skimm This. The show appears to play it right down the line, adhering to the facts of the story, adding the proper context, but stopping short of offering editorial takes.

I especially listened to a recent episode which covered the Mueller report and tried to discern any sort of snark or political leaning one way or the other and could not detect any sense of bias or partisan commentary infiltrating the coverage.

A Welcomed Alternative

Skimm This appears to be an offshoot of a wildly successful daily newsletter put out by theSkimm media company which was formed by co-founders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg. Previously, theSkimm made a foray into the world of podcasting through an interview-driven series focusing on female leaders which chronicled their journeys.   

Just when you might have thought that the number of news outlets and the never-ending news cycle had both reached a saturation point, a new entity with a unique approach steps into the field offering a welcomed alternative to traditional news consumption.

The data that is coming at us from our rapidly evolving world is only growing in volume and pace while our attention spans seem to be waning under the constant taxing of inbound information.

Skimm This might just be the ticket to stay informed while freeing up some internal bandwidth for things that truly matter like connecting with family and friends or pursuing creative endeavors for fulfillment.

Check out Skimm This each day to get informed through a quick nugget of news while also adding some time back into your day for actually living life.