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Podcasts To Listen To: The Future Of X By OZY Media

Podcasts To Listen To: The Future Of X By OZY Media

Troubling Outlook

There is plenty to make us feel bleak and hopeless in regards to the future. Climate change seems to be a runaway train with extreme weather events and sea levels both on the rise.

The state of politics is an overstressed and polarized messed. The internet has been an incredible gift for distribution of content but the social media landscape can feel downright toxic at times.

What if there was another side of the story to be written about our future? A future that was steeped in hope and life-altering progress with technology serving as the catalyst for the awe-inspiring change.

The Future Of X

The Future Of X is a brand new podcast offering from OZY Media that dares to paint that picture through short, dramatic vignettes cut amongst leading experts from their respective fields sharing knowledge and a vision of what the future could bring for us all.

The Future Of X flashes us forward 50 years, to the year 2069, and gives us a descriptive look at how certain industries or realms of humanity will be fairing then.

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Season 1

Season 1 of The Future Of X focuses on health and the awe-inspiring possibilities of how we will be tracked and treated in the future with advancements in artificial intelligence and big data analytics driving massive change.

What will evolve to become mere inconveniences instead of terminal diseases like cancer? What commonplace phenomena could grow to be viewed as a silent killer as deadly as smoking? Will big box hospitals go the way of brick and mortar retail stores and slowly fade from prominence in favor of on the go and home-delivered healthcare?

All of these topics surrounding health are bandied about in this compelling glimpse of our future lives. OZY Media partners up with Providence St. Joseph Health to underscore the actual science behind the dramatic futuristic shorts.  

The Future Of Big Data

One of the central themes surrounding the future state of healthcare is big data and our ability to track ourselves and be constantly monitored by our healthcare providers. No longer will be the days of pulling blood annually and taking reactive measures to debilitating conditions that took root in our bodies months if not even years prior to detection.

The future is all about a constant stream of data that is continually tracked and measured to guide and inform our habits and routines for self-care in real time. A short dramatic skit from episode 1 underscores this shift in monitoring when a patient shows up to their doctor's office with the doctor already being fully informed of their health since their data was being tracked in real time while the patient had been going about living their life.

There is also a truly hopeful enactment of the future when a doctor casually informs his patient of a case of breast cancer. They both acknowledge the news as a mild inconvenience and the doctor simply prescribes his patient to some rest and rounds of outpatient immunotherapy to help eliminate the cancer.

The talk of cancer being cured in the future, as opposed to being managed or mitigated, is the stuff of miracles coming to life. Immunotherapy is a strategy to fight cancer that involves injecting a patient with copies of their own white blood cells to attack and eradicate fully the cancerous cells. There is still a ways to go in developing immunotherapy but it is a promising look into the future of cancer treatments.

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A Dire Commonplace Condition

Another fascinating look at the future state of healthcare involves a proactive focus on something rather prevalent in society today and experienced by most everyone at some point in their lives. That troubling condition would be loneliness.

One healthcare expert from episode 1 states that the damaging effects on the health of an individual from loneliness are on par with smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Let that sink in for a moment. Being lonely can have that same life-altering impacts as heavily smoking cigarettes.

As our computers and the internet are giving rise to pseudo-connectivity and a false sense of contact with others we need to make sure we are staying diligent as a society and helping others stay truly connected. We need to foster a genuine sense of community for the betterment of not only joy and happiness but for the sake of living our fullest lives possible.

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Hope For Our Future

OZY Media does a great job with intertwining brief, dramatic interludes that postulate where our society could be heading in healthcare along with actual leading experts spelling out the science behind the hope of these projections into the future.

Should anyone feel besieged by a constant barrage of negativity and dim outlooks for our future there is another story to be told about where our lives could be heading and this is a story about hope and progress for humanity.

The Future Of X by OZY Media is the perfect podcast platform to get inspired by our future while being entertained in the present day. Rather than getting lost in a sea of online negativity and polarization, I am going to chose to spend some time engrossed in The Future Of X daydreaming about progress, life extension, and the eradication of diseases.

Do subscribe to The Future Of X yourself and come along for a hopeful ride into the future.

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