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Generation X Is At A Crossroads

Many in the demographic known as Generation X are at a crossroads. Long gone are the days of having youth as a handy excuse to explain away our struggles through life's unending challenges. Our generation has been chewed up and spit out by corporate America and suffered a significant loss of wealth through the recent financial crisis. Career paths have evaporated and funding for retirement seems like a wishful fantasy. We were hammered in our youth with low fat dogma by the woefully misguided medical community and as a result our life performance has suffered from the carb laden diets we were wrongly conditioned into. Stress and a general unease run rampant amongst our peers. A general sense of dissatisfaction and disconnection from purpose has never ran higher as we traverse upended careers, mountains of debt and the fatiguing effects from early parenthood.

Photo credit to  Sander van der Wel  under  CC License . Image was not altered.

Photo credit to Sander van der Wel under CC License. Image was not altered.

Generation X has had challenges, but we search mightily for a better way in life. We desire more open and communicative relationships with our children. We search for a better way of eating and exercising that sustains energy for the daily demands of work and family. We are launching personal spiritual journeys in hopes of finding true connection to the universe. We came of age with Pearl Jam and Public Enemy and spent summers attending Lollapalooza. Our cherished artists infused integrity and consciousness in their crafts and their music still carries us through life with the same passion they inspired when we were kids.

Photo credit Danny Clinch. Available for free download from  Pearl Jam

Photo credit Danny Clinch. Available for free download from Pearl Jam

I Am Michael Patrick

I am personally working to become fully dialed into the optimal life experience. I will most likely never get there, but I am becoming aware that appreciation of the journey likely leads to greater fulfillment than celebration of any triumphant end result. I am pursuing a better life while clinging fiercely to the spirit of youth.  

In my twenties I unconsciously drifted through life without goals. For far too long I clung to the shallow scene of partying on the weekends in desperate hopes of manufacturing joy and purpose. I was stuck in an emotional rut.  

At a certain point the Universe showed up to thankfully jolt me into a paradigm shift through an emotional bottoming out. It compelled me to chart a different course in life. A course that would be consciously forged through proactive and self directed education, multiple bouts of psychotherapy and a newly deep seated desire to simply be a better man each day after the next. Through these life changes I have still managed to retain the lightheartedness of my youth while slowly but surely settling into a more meaningful life.

Still Feel 21 founder and author Michael Patrick

Still Feel 21 founder and author Michael Patrick

I am now in my early 40's. I am a husband and father to a young son. I primarily work in corporate America. I was laid off at the onset of the 2008 financial crash and have fought hard to regain an assemblage of a career track. In the past 8 years I have propelled my career forward through 5 different jobs within 3 different industries. I am driven in my career, but seek balance with life.  

Music is integral to my being. Attending concerts is one of my favorite things to do and I still buy band t-shirts as a 40 something "adult". I place way too much importance on fantasy football and try to consume books and television entertainment for the few daily moments I am not engaged with my family. Fitness and general wellness have been a constant revolving door of varying programs of diet and exercise, but I am firmly committed to the lifelong cause of shaping my health and well being.  

Still Feel 21: A Community for Generation X

Still Feel 21 was founded in the spirit of community with the hopes that shared experience can lead the way to a better life for all of us. I lost a dear cousin who died by suicide. I have a best friend that lost 2 fraternity brothers to suicide. It is such an incredibly fine line between subtle discontent and complete loss of hope. I am compelled to create a gathering place for my generation to share ideas and information in the hopes of making life a more rewarding and fun experience.  

The content is driven by the core themes that dominate our lives as we grow away from the mistakes and innocence of our youth and now fully accept the often confounding responsibilities of adulthood. We will share, laugh, learn and hopefully progress through:

Still Feel 21 is a home for my peers in Generation X to take a constructive eye to life, but never to the detriment of cheerfulness. We still feel 21, but thank God we are not.

What are the challenges you currently face or the areas of focus in your life you are working to improve? What steps are you taking to progress in these matters? Please let us know in the comments section.