We Tried Mushroom Coffee By Four Sigmatic - Check Out Our Video Review


Mushroom Coffee

Coffee fortified with mushroom extract has become a consistent favorite in my coffee routine. These instant coffee packets are easy to brew up and I love the positive wellness benefits associated with consuming mushrooms, which can include:

  • Better regulation of blood sugar levels

  • Immunity support

  • Prevention of adrenal fatigue

  • Rich boost of antioxidants

The mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic also contains minimal amounts of caffeine, just 50mg per serving, so it can also serve as another means to enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon without derailing a sound night of sleep.

Wellness From Coffee

If you are a daily coffee consumer like me, then rest assured, there are significant wellness benefits to be gained well beyond focus and ritual:

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How do you incorporate coffee into your daily routine of life? Are you a home brewer or do you get your coffee fix brewed from stores? Have you tried mushroom fortified coffee yet? Please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.


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