A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show: The Argument From The NY Times

The Argument From The New York Times

This episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show we share our thoughts and takes on The Argument from the New York Times. Ironically enough, doing a review of The Argument podcast leads us, A Dude And A Bro, to our very own argument about the show.

The Argument features three opinion columnists from the New York Times who take a constructive look at immediate hot button topics each episode from the world of politics and news.  

Co-hosts and columnists David Leonhardt, Michelle Goldberg, and Ross Douthat offer sharp insights into our country’s most pressing matters in a casual yet heady format.

Check out our review of The Argument and let us know who you are siding with in our own dust up this episode, Tim or Mike?

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Stuck In My Echo Chamber

I must acknowledge I typically stick to the same sources of news from the same outlet with the same rotating guests of talking heads and experts. I am aware of the lack of diversity in opinion I am seeking out on a daily basis and I am admittedly not so comfortable with dwelling in a left-leaning echo chamber.

I truly do value the opinions of others and want to stay open-minded in my quest to stay informed but I feel like seeking diversity in my news often leads me to political commentary so slanted and blindly entrenched in a camp, to the detriment of an open exchange of ideas, it becomes tough to even bear for a moment.

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