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In Adam Carolla's Absence A Regretful Week On The Adam And Dr. Drew Show Podcast

The Absence Of Adam Carolla

Some recent episodes of The Adam and Dr. Drew Show podcast left us without the witty, curmudgeon of a co-host Adam Carolla. The podcasting pioneer was absent from his own flagship fleet show for a brief but alarming stint.  

Instead of a week featuring “best of” content or some pre-recorded shows produced on the fly, the PodcastOne staple show instead decided to produce a week of shows by replacing Adam with another sidekick from Dr. Drew’s previous Loveline past, that co-host being Mike Catherwood

Catherwood, also known as “Psycho Mike”, previously replaced Carolla on the popular syndicated radio show Loveline back from 2010 to 2016. He is also known as a west coast radio personality from another popular radio show The Kevin and Bean Show.  

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The Adam And Dr. Drew Show

An Offshoot Of Loveline

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show is an extension of the fan-favorite Loveline syndicated radio program. Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky have been giving relationship and wellness advice for decades to multiple generations of young people from all walks of life.  

Dr. Drew is a board-certified physician and an addiction medicine specialist, not to mention being easy on the eyes which I suspect was a selling point for the producers at MTV, who carried a live audience version of Loveline during its height of popularity.