11 Best Podcasts For Kids

My Love Of Podcasts

Being a huge podcast junkie I am routinely entrenched in my favorite shows but quite often have trouble finding the time or opportunity to indulge in my beloved podcast feed. 

First off, there are times where I actually have to take my earbuds out, and yes... engage with my wife and kids from time to time. 

Then there are the times while I am in the car driving the kids to their next sports game and I am unable to put on the Monstruo true crime podcast or my favorite comedian who uses the occasional choice four-letter word because I do not dare subject my young children to inappropriate content. 

But, there is an even less favorable situation than abstaining from listening to a favored podcast show when the circumstances with my family will not allow for it. Instead of foregoing all entertainment, I can reluctantly put a DVD into the Honda Odyssey rear entertainment system.

Opting for the DVD, I am then subjected to the audio version of Finding Nemo for the five-hundredth time while my kids' brains deteriorate away with mind-numbing animation from Pixar. (I actually like Pixar but using a little hyperbole here to make a point.)

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