9 Ways Meditation Has Changed My Life

The Power Of Meditation

Inroads To The Mainstream

Meditation, or the general practice of mindfulness, seems to be slowly making inroads into the collective consciousness of the mainstream.

Just about anywhere you turn these days you seem to run into an article, podcast discussion, or some sort of social site mention about the benefits of meditation.

I understand the desire of those who practice meditation to want to share with the world the benefits they have been experiencing, but in the past, I have found myself a little hesitant to bring up the subject amongst my peers.

Something about voluntarily sharing that I meditate felt like bragging and maybe even coming off as slightly pompous, so I have kept my practice close to my heart until recently.

I can no longer hold back, though, from sharing the many benefits that meditation has brought into my life.

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Still Feel 21: A Pursuit Of Life Site

Generation X Is At A Crossroads

Many in the demographic known as Generation X are at a crossroads. Long gone are the days of having youth as a handy excuse to explain away our struggles through life's unending challenges. Our generation has been chewed up and spit out by corporate America and suffered a significant loss of wealth through the recent financial crisis. Career paths have evaporated and funding for retirement seems like a wishful fantasy. We were hammered in our youth with low fat dogma by the woefully misguided medical community and as a result our life performance has suffered from the carb laden diets we were wrongly conditioned into.

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