The 5 Best Game of Thrones Podcasts

Game of Thrones

With the show being over after eight tumultuous seasons, perhaps we are a little late to the game recommending fan podcasts for HBO’s epic series Game of Thrones. However, the popular HBO series has reached the high water mark of its infamy and is still dominating the majority of water cooler conversations in offices and at parties alike.  

The show stemmed from George R.R. Martin’s popular book, A Song of Fire and Ice. Martin has created a medieval fictional world of Knights, Lords, Kings, witches, dragons, and zombies of all things.

This often niche and underground space of fantasy worlds and dragons have tipped beyond the mainstream and into our popular culture through the vehicle of Game of Thrones. The series created passionate fans everywhere with a constant churning of commentary and reaction online through social media.

Late as our best podcasts feature may be, do fret not, however, as HBO is planning to continue to give us stories from the universe of Game of Thrones with a prequel show. That promise of ongoing spinoff episodes makes these companion podcasts as relevant as ever.

I submit to you, the 5 Best Game of Thrones Podcasts!

1. Game of Thrones The Podcast

This is my favorite of all of the GoT shows out there. Jim and A. Ron do a thorough job each week breaking down each episode. Their show is a comprehensive supplement to your Game of Thrones viewing experience.  

Most weeks they will give an “instant talk” which is an immediate reaction to that week’s episode. These are my favorite episodes of the show. Each Monday morning I have a ton of reaction I want to get off of my chest from the previous night's episodes and this show allows me to get my immediate fix.  

They also do a “spoiler” episode so if you are the type of fan that enjoys the conjecture and insider information then these are the episodes for you. The best part is you can choose to listen and be spoiled or opt out and keep your viewing trajectory pure. But mainly, Jim and A. Ron give the most comprehensive, well thought, and even-keeled take of the show.  

My issue with many of the shows that I have stumbled across is there is a tendency to gush over the series rather than partake in an objective discussion. These guys do a great job of giving the hardcore fans a well-balanced reaction to our beloved GoT.

2. EW’s Game of Thrones Weekly

From Entertainment Weekly, James Hibberd and Darren Franich give an entertaining viewpoint of each show along with a behind the scenes take on all the action.  

This particular show jumped to the number two spot on my list because they actually gave a critical take on some of the episodes I had problems with. I respect the objective take rather than doling out effusive praise of the show.  

This show is well produced and James and Darren are energetic hosts and quality broadcasters. Entertainment Game Of Thrones Weekly was close to being number one for me.

3. On the Throne Podcast

On the Throne Podcast does much more than recap each week as many of the GoT podcasts do. They pride themselves as a community of fans in being a great supplement of their favorite show.

Gene Lyons and Dick Eber, aka “Big D”, offer up their insightful commentary each week.  They connect with the fans giving the listers of the show an extended feeling of community surrounding GoT.

4. Binge Mode: Game of Thrones

Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion host Binge Mode from the sports and pop culture centric website The Ringer. Mal and Jason are the biggest Game of Thrones nerds I have ever come across and therefore they are rightfully qualified as the ultimate people to host the show.

Their GoT street cred is unquestionable. Mal obsesses over dire wolves and Jason gleefully attempts to make funny noises and quirky impersonations. Ride the Dragon with Binge Mode!

5. Bend the Knee: A Song of Ice and Fire Podcast

This podcast prides itself as being the original Game of Thrones virtual book club. The podcast focuses on the book and does a great job in comparing and contrasting the HBO series to George RR Martin’s acclaimed literary work.  

When your hosts are self-proclaimed Sir Matt and Sir Ezra you know you are on the right track of discovering a legitimate fan companion podcast. Their Highnesses do an excellent job of drawing context from the original books and applying them to the show.

The Rise Of Complementary Content

I have found that even with popular true crime series on Netflix and the like, that there are adjacent markets for companion shows to be successful and popular in their own right.

The fan base of a television show like Game of Thrones is wide, deep, and active. People are excited to talk about their favorite episodes, share their opinions, and speculate on behind the scene theories about the show.  

It is this type of ravenous engagement with the content of shows anymore, beyond the initial consuming of an episode, that is driving the creation of complementary fan podcasts from the likes of Star Wars to true crime and everything in between. The fan podcasts are an expansive platform to establish more of a community feel around people’s favorite shows.

Additionally, these podcasts give the viewers and listeners more of what they ultimately crave the most and that is more content on their most cherished shows! The fans can not only stay engaged with the story and characters that bring them pure joy but also contribute their thoughts and perspective through comments, shares, and question submissions to these show.  

I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones and I am currently in a bit of a state of mourning having recently witnessed it come to an end. Hopefully, the prequel series they are working on can continue to satisfy the fanbase in a never ending and universal manner as the Star Wars franchise can for their fans.  

The number of places and the twist and turns they can take the storylines on Game of Thrones are endless. In that spirit of an unending quest, we have identified for you the 5 best GoT podcasts to help carry the torch and keep the iconic series alive in all our hearts and minds.