The Bulletproof Radio Podcast 13 Best Videos On The Ketogenic Diet, Fasting, & Nutrition

The Bulletproof Brand

Bulletproof is a food and supplement company geared towards peak performance. It was founded by their CEO Dave Asprey.

The linchpin of the Bulletproof brand is their signature Bulletproof coffee. Bulletproof coffee is a nutritionally dense, high-powered, blended coffee beverage with grass-fed butter and Bulletproof Brain Octane supplying a host of healthy fats to fuel the body and brain for hours on end.

Beyond their signature coffee concoction, Dave and the Bulletproof brand have a rather mighty podcast show as well.

The Bulletproof Radio Podcast

Dave, being a trailblazing CEO himself, attracts thought leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and industries to share tips and hacks to help people find more energy, happiness, and fulfillment out of life.

I myself have been informed and inspired by the Bulletproof Radio podcast. There have been numerous episodes that have directly transformed my approach towards eating, the ways in which I tend to my mental health, and the manners in which I seek fulfillment through my work.

For anyone looking to improve, refine, or make wholesale changes to their diet, The Bulletproof Radio podcast has a wealth of respected and trusted resources sharing actionable strategies on the ketogenic diet, fasting, and nutrition to get you moving on the right track.

We have compiled here for you The Bulletproof Radio Podcast 13 Best Diet & Nutrition Episodes:

1. Podcast #85 - Mastering Ketosis w/ Dominic D'Agostino - Bulletproof Radio

2. Why You Shouldn't Fear Fasting with Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore

3. Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Bone Broth to Regain Energy, Reverse Aging & Lose Weight - #273

4. Mark Hyman - Meat Is The New Ketchup: #288

5. Podcast #174 - Brad Pilon: Eat Stop Eat & the Fundamentals of Intermittent Fasting

6. Podcast #101 - Mark Sisson on the Primal Blueprint - Bulletproof Radio

7. Gary Taubes: Bad Science, Gut Health, & NuSi - #223

8. Tom Malterre: Gluten, the Gut Microbiome, & the Elimination Diet - #202

9. Exclusive: Interview with Ketone Expert Dr. Richard Veech - #299

10. Podcast #144 - Mark Hyman on the Dangers of Fructose - Bulletproof Radio

11. Why You Desperately Need Carbs - Dr. David Perlmutter #553

12. How Nutrition Can Reverse Disease and the Impact of Lectins – Dr. Steven Gundry

13. Reverse The Age Of Your Brain - Dr. Daniel Amen - #444

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