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Brand New Fiction Podcast 

“July 8th, it’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining the birds are chirping and everyone's dead”.

That is quite the ominous opening from the brand new fictional podcast show The Edge Of Sleep

The Edge Of Sleep has been garnering a significant amount of 5-star reviews from listeners and after delving into just a few of the initial episodes I can personally relate to the enthusiasm and passion for the show.

With relatively quick-hitting episodes clocking in under 30 minutes a clip, The Edge Of Sleep delivers a heavy payload of fictional suspense right from the get-go and only further builds upon the excitement and intrigue as the story continues to unfold. 

The Plotline

I will do my best to give an overview of the plotline without divulging any spoilers or undercutting any of the reveals. You the listener deserve to go through the anticipatory ride, bracing for potential turns and twists, and all the while reaping the joy of discovering key points of the storyline.

Our focal character is Dave, who winds up discovering there has been a massive death event for a sizable amount of the population. 

Like any good story, there are multiple threads being woven through the main fabric of the show. There is love lost, possibly new love to be gained, and some sort of emotional sleep disorder that is impacting our main character, Dave.

There is plenty to get immersed in from the plotlines but never to the detriment of a coherent story that is laid out succinctly for the listener and crystalizes further with each episode.

I immediately called to mind the HBO television show The Leftovers when first digging into the episodes of The Edge Of Sleep, however, The Edge Of Sleep thankfully does not seem intent on artfully keeping its audience in the dark or pining for plotline answers for too long. 

The Edge Of Sleep beautifully blends the art of tense expectation along with the proper dose of revelation to keep the listeners on edge but informed as the story moves along. 

As a listener looking to be entertained I am grateful for the approach the producers took here, as opposed to a show like The Leftovers that kept viewers guessing and interpreting beyond the show’s final episode.

The Acting

Voice and audio-only actors must have a far greater challenge in conveying emotion and authenticity for a story than traditional actors who are able to be viewed.

Our face and our physical gestures can account for thousands of words in a moment and actors for podcast series are lacking that ability to express themselves physically relying only on the spoken word.

The acting on The Edge Of Sleep is solid and I mean that with no intention of being critical or derisive. The show is about the story that unfolds and the actors voicing the lines do a respectful job at facilitating that mission. 

There were times or certain lines where it felt a tad forced or it felt as if a studio actor was reading a script, but it was never to the detriment of the story and it never hindered the proper build of suspense and wonder. 

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The End of Humanity

What if the beginning of the end of humanity was not cataclysmic? What if there was no fire and brimstone nor any hail of locusts blackening our sky? 

There is something oddly more unsettling to me to bear witness to a massive death event that occurs while everyone who suffered that untimely fate was seemingly lying in their bed. 

Our minds would flood with panic searching desperately for some sort of cause or explanation. We would wonder why or how did we get spared and what could we possibly do to ensure we do not meet a similar fate next. 

The Edge Of Sleep brilliantly explores this type of alarming scenario by working on our psyche instead of bombarding our senses with the end of days styled mayhem we often associate with a mass extinction event. 

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Fiction Versus Non-Fiction 

I personally do not spend much time engaging with fictional, storytelling styled podcasts. I am more of a Joe Rogan podcast kind of guy or a hardcore investigative podcast enthusiast. 

I am thankful I took a chance and stepped out of my usual comfort zone for how I typically select a new podcast show to listen to. I am glad I gave The Edge Of Sleep a shot and perhaps this show will open up a new door for my typical podcast routine.  

Our minds seem to be more engaged with an audio-only fictional experience as opposed to viewing a movie or television show. Similar to reading, actively listening to an audio-only show engages our own imaginations on a much deeper level than passively absorbing a story with a visual component. 

My eyes, or perhaps more fittingly, my ears have now been opened to a whole new world of storytelling thanks to the incredible impression that The Edge Of Sleep is making upon me.

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I cannot wait to see where The Edge Of Sleep is heading. The first inclination of the surviving characters from the story for what has caused the deaths is a biohazard. 

I personally am wondering if this could end up being some sort of protracted dream state from our main character Dave due to his sleep affliction?

Either way, I am sure to stay locked in and riveted along the way. Subscribe to The Edge Of Sleep in your podcast feed and come along for the suspenseful ride as well. 

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