The 13 Best Motivational Videos From The Jocko Podcast

The Jocko Podcast

A Unique Approach To Empowerment

There is a wealth of content available in the world of leadership and peak performance that is affirming, inspiring, and cheerful.

Then there is The Jocko Podcast, hosted by retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink, that approaches life and empowerment in a different manner than most.

Jocko is not here to motivate you. He believes motivation is a failed concept. Jocko feels If you rely on motivation to get through the daily grind of life you will eventually get burned by it.

Discipline is the calling card for Jocko. Jocko touts discipline over motivation all day.

Jocko is frank and direct when dispensing his wisdom on his podcast. You will not be regaled with some new age technique to help cajole you through your challenges in life. Tried and true reliance on discipline is the foundation of Jocko’s ethos.

Jocko’s vocal delivery, every bit as imposing as his physical frame, helps hammer home his message.

Quick And Actionable Video Hits

Jocko allows for stories to unfold on his show with great width and depth. While I highly suggest exploring the uncut and long-form episodes with our previously published review and top episodes feature, sometimes you just need a bite-sized nugget of wisdom to jumpstart a day or shake yourself out of a rut.

There is no irony lost on me here that while Jocko cautions against seeking external sources of motivation, this compilation is sure to stoke the flames of even the most sullen of souls.

These are The 13 Best Motivational Videos From The Jocko Podcast

1. Jocko Motivation “GOOD” (From Jocko Podcast)

2. All Your Excuses Are Lies - Jocko Willink

3. How To Get Through Rough Patches In Life - Jocko Willink

4. How To SMASH DAYS When You Don’t Feel Like It - Jocko Willink

5. Never Complain Ever Again - Jocko Willink

6. This Is Why You Should Make Every Day Count - Jocko Willink

7. How To Get The Desire To Have Discipline - Jocko Willink

8. Break Habits Of Procrastination & Laziness - Jocko Willink

9. How To Deal With Stress In Life - Jocko Willink

10. The ONE Change To Make To Improve Yourself - Jocko Willink

11. JOCKO Willink - Time Is Running Out (Jocko Motivation)

12. How to Get Over Break Ups and Betrayal - Jocko Willink

13. The Importance of Having Thick Skin - Jocko Willink and Jordan Peterson

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