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Kyle Kingsbury: Beyond MMA

I have a limited interest in MMA. I have respect for the fighters and I have certainly been entertained when I have spent any time watching it, but it does not maintain my interest like pro football does, which borderlines on a slight obsession for me.

When I came across Kyle Kingsbury’s first appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast I almost passed over it, based on Kyle being a retired MMA fighter. However, I reminded myself to never judge any Joe Rogan guest by their profession or interest. Joe’s shows are free to flow anywhere and the topics of the conversations are never constrained by the callings of his guests.

This was particularly the case with Kyle Kingsbury’s initial appearance on the show. They covered a variety of topics like dietary strategy, peak performance, and fulfillment in life. I was intrigued the entire time they talked and finished watching the whole episode.

Direct And Personal Impact

Kyle’s first appearance inspired me to become even more diligent with my ketogenic lifestyle. There was also a specific piece of their discussion that resonated with me on a deeply personal level. Kyle talked about his decision to stop drinking alcohol.

Kyle was clearly not proclaiming sobriety, as he is an enthusiast of cannabis and psychedelics, but he was open about what he felt was the failed promise of anything joyful or positive coming from consuming alcohol. He had grown tired of experiencing hangover symptoms and I related to much of what Kyle was detailing.

Around the time I had viewed that episode I had recently completed participating in the "Dry January" pledge, which was a month-long break from drinking alcohol.

My intentions at that time were to simply take a break from drinking without much thought beyond that. Kyle's appearance further cemented my resolve to keep exploring my relationship with alcohol and subsequently my break from drinking organically extended. It has now been over 2 and ½ years since my last sip of booze.

I am no champion for sobriety and support anyone who looks to explore consciousness, increase performance in life, or become more spiritually connected through a substance, but alcohol clearly performed none of those functions for me in my life, like a cup of coffee does for me. I have not looked back on drinking booze since stepping away from it.

Kyle’s Return To The JRE

I have been eagerly waiting for a while now, for a return appearance from Kingsbury on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and thankfully that wish has now been fulfilled. I am happy to report that the compelling and life stirring conversation previously had between Rogan and Kingsbury was revived on this newer episode.

Spirituality, supplementation, society, peak performance, and more were covered in Kingsbury’s return appearance. Kingsbury, now an office “guinea pig” for the earth based supplementation company Onnit, partly owned by Rogan, has some crazy firsthand experience and knowledge with all sorts of supplementation. He is an avid self-experimenter.

A Spiritual Journey

One of the things I most respect about Kingsbury is his openness and candor in speaking about his spiritual journey. I am not talking about religion and I do not believe he ever even mentioned the word God in this episode, but Kingsbury is without a doubt on a mission to live a more conscious, connected and fulfilled life.

With all the struggles of disconnection and mild depression my peers seem to be encountering throughout the world, we need more people openly sharing their desire and methods for living more purposeful lives.

As humans, we all share grand curiosities about life, death, and purpose but many of us feel walled off from these emotions or alienated by the typical platforms used to explore these types of existential concepts, such as organized religion.

Men, especially, do not seem to be equipped to share our deepest of feelings amongst friends. Our willingness as men to be open has been harmfully eroded by persistent social conditioning like men should be strong and silent.

The more vocal advocates for exploring consciousness and connecting to purpose in life, be it through yoga or any platform chosen mindfully in safety, the better we can grow as individuals and as a society.

The Path Less Traveled

On face value, Kingsbury might appear to be another swollen bro dude who likes to punch things but given just two minutes to share his values and approach towards life, he is clearly a studied and compassionate thought leader for my generation, not that he is claiming or looking to be that. He is simply living his life with openness.

Much respect to Kyle Kingsbury for his personal mission to live a more conscious and exploratory life. I am not sure if Kingsbury still opts away from drinking alcohol or not, but that is not even important. What matters most is he is willing to explore paths less traveled by the majority of our peers in hopes of living a more connected and enriched life.

Traveling that kind of alternate path in life can at times feel lonely and at odds with people who are close family and friends, but ultimately life is about figuring out our own journey.

I believe we as individuals are given clues and inspiration for a better life from unexpected sources in the oddest of places at times if we can just tune into the message. I now count a former MMA fighter showing up on a podcast as one of those moments for me.

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