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Joe Rogan Podcast's Best Recurring Guest: Duncan Trussell

Joe Rogan Podcast's Best Recurring Guest: Duncan Trussell

Joe Rogan

Top Of The Podcast Game

Podcasts have exploded over recent years. There seems to be a show available to fit anyone’s interest from the broadest of ranging topics to the most narrow of niches.

To me, there is no one creating better podcast content than Joe Rogan. He is a prolific producer of shows and his guests are consistently captivating.

Joe is a comedian at heart but his podcast show does not revolve around comedy. Quite often the discussions center around deconstructing life and examining current social issues. Those are the topics that have always most fascinated me about his show.

While there are countless individuals from a wide range of interests and walks of life who have made repeat visits to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast there is one individual who I believe is the undisputed best and greatest recurring guest. That guest is Duncan Trussell.

Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell is a comedian and an acclaimed podcaster in his own right. He seems to possess a considerable desire for exploring consciousness and is rather open about detailing his journey in trying to figure out what life is truly all about.

Like Joe, his interests are varied and he takes a thoughtful and thorough approach to the hobbies and concepts he enjoys exploring, be it technology, literature, futurism, or Buddhism.

Every single appearance Duncan has made on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has earned must-watch status. He consistently enjoys entertaining discussions with Joe and the two share a special chemistry beyond an apparent close friendship.

Duncan always drops some significant nuggets of wisdom when he is on the podcast but he does so in a lighthearted manner and never from a place of pretentiousness.

There are also plenty of organic laughs to be had between Duncan and Joe but nothing funny from Duncan ever feels forced or contrived. Duncan’s unique voice and laughter alone can interject positivity and fun into an entire podcast episode.

In honor of bestowing the title of the undisputed greatest recurring guest on The Joe Rogan Experience we have compiled here for you some of Duncan Trussell’s greatest appearances:

Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell, and Christopher Ryan

Duncan is also part of a recurring triumvirate that takes place on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. It occurs when Duncan hooks up with author and fellow podcaster Christopher Ryan to join forces with Joe to form a mighty trio of intrigue and laughs.

Whenever these three get together for an episode you are guaranteed to get existential life debates, some legit laughs, and everything else in between. The three of them share an incredible on-air chemistry.

As an added bonus, we have also compiled some episodes from this acclaimed trio:

Duncan Returns - 6/18/2019

It felt like Duncan had not been on the show in quite a while, especially in light of his relationship with Joe and the show, but thankfully the break has ended with Duncan’s triumphant return.

The whacky costumes and the appearance of a bubble machine during this episode may feel a bit distracting at moments but they never derail Duncan and Joe’s chemistry nor the conversation.

All the usual themes are present on this episode like suffering, fulfillment, and existential threats from the universe in addition to some wildcard topics OJ Simpson and deep fakes. Duncan, welcome back!

Empowering Content

There have been a multitude of moments on the JRE podcast that have sparked some considerable changes in my own life. Changes that have made a powerful and positive impact on my health, career, and relationships.

Duncan inspired one of these moments for me. It may have felt like a rather nondescript point of an episode for most others but it was quite impactful for me.

Duncan was talking about his recent decision to quit drinking alcohol. Like other JRE guest Kyle Kingsbury, Duncan ceased finding any value in his relationship with alcohol. He then went on to describe beer as “fermented wheat juice” and that reductive description gave major pause to me and my consumption of beer.

At that time, I was getting deeper and more committed to a gluten-free, ketogenic lifestyle, however, I had continually been giving myself a pass with beer. I kept drinking beer despite my increased diligence with my diet as well as an unfortunate increase in the frequency of mild hangover symptoms from lesser amounts of booze.

Around the time of this episode, my enjoyment of beer had subconsciously begun to wane and my body also felt like it was having a tougher time processing the wheat and carbs, let alone the alcohol content.

I did not directly quit drinking from Duncan’s appearance, but his openness in stepping away from booze and his funny and rather gross description of beer as being “fermented wheat juice” planted major seeds for my current break from drinking, which has now gone on for 2+ years.

Duncan Trussell: Undisputed Best Recurring Guest

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has become a favored form of entertainment for me. Ironically enough the comedy and laughs are probably the least of what continually pulls me back to the show.

That is definitely the case with comedian Duncan Trussell as the undisputed best recurring guest ever. There are some quality laughs to be had for sure, but Duncan and Joe together have provided such a greater and deeper value to my life than any comedy ever could.

Duncan seems like a good dude who is trying to figure out life, like most of us are, while keeping it light and joyful along the way. Much respect to him for his openness and candor for not only the positive things he has figured out in life but also the challenges and struggles he has so openly shared over the years on Joe’s show.  

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