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Podcasts To Listen To: The Science Of Happiness

The Science Of Happiness Podcast

A Growing Discontent

Happiness is an elusive and at times perplexing emotion. Babies seem to be born into a natural state of bliss, pure happiness, but over time life experience tends to dampen this joy. We then spend much of our adulthood desperately seeking to recapture what was once an innate emotional state.

In today’s day and age, we have never been more at risk of limiting our own happiness due to the lifestyles and manners in which we live. Cell phones, a widening disconnection from nature, lack of movement, and an ever-growing dissatisfaction with careers are all key detractors within current society that have pushed happiness far off the map for many. For some, experiencing recurring happiness is nothing more than a wishful fantasy.  

What if happiness could be cultivated and achieved by undertaking simple routines and practices that were scientifically backed? That is the crux of an entertaining and informative new podcast, aptly titled The Science Of Happiness. This new series comes to us courtesy of The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley in partnership with PRI.

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Practices For Happiness

The Science Of Happiness podcast is produced and hosted by Cal Berkeley professor Dacher Keltner and they are on a mission to bring to its listeners a scientific approach towards generating and sustaining happiness.

A differentiator between The Science Of Happiness and the rest of the voluminous amount of self-help, growth based content out there is not only the academic underpinnings of the podcast but also the unique twist of empowering happiness guinea pigs, as they are affectionately referred to on the show.

Happiness guinea pigs are everyday people chosen to partake in a scientifically derived process aimed at creating deeper and more lasting states of happiness in their lives. Some of these practices may be familiar to you, at least on a surface level, like practicing gratitude. Other suggested methods, like a self-compassion letter or the “36 questions”, were brand new concepts to me as I imagine they would be to most.  

After a debrief between the happiness guinea pig and Keltner, the host, a professional guest comes on each week to unpack the actual science behind the effects of the happiness guinea pig’s actions.

Learning The Why

Hearing the scientific reasoning behind these happiness generating mechanisms each week is not only interesting but it can also help create a more openness in others to want to take proactive steps towards becoming happier. Learning the why and how behind the doing can potentially compel us down a more committed path towards change.

The Science Of Happiness podcast serves as a stark reminder that happiness should not be left up to random chance. It seems like the majority of people in the world wake up each day and just hope for the best, when science actually documents for us that happiness and pure joy can be, and perhaps need to be, planned for and attained through defined steps of action, just like any other worthwhile goal.

A Worthwhile Mission

The episodes of The Science Of Happiness podcast are quick and easy listens presented in a light and pleasing manner, spot on for the topic at hand. I give much credit and respect to the mission and purpose of the show, beyond being a good listen.

Everyone deserves happiness yet many of us experience a constant state of discontent simmering below our surface, even worse, some are resigned to subtly numbing their emotions through drugs, alcohol, or food.

The Science Of Happiness podcast is here to provide quick, easy, and highly-actionable practices to help you change your emotional states and experience joy more consistently. Do not leave your happiness up to chance. Start now by giving The Science Of Happiness a listen.

Please Comment

Which happiness generating practice from The Science Of Happiness most resonated with you? What actions or routines do you consciously undertake to try and sustain happiness in your life? Please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.



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