The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast Top Ten Guests

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a best-selling author, investor, entrepreneur, and notorious self-experimenter, but he may be best known for his commercially and critically acclaimed podcast, aptly titled The Tim Ferriss Show.

Tim has an unyielding thirst for learning and his podcast is a reflection of his many worldly curiosities. The Tim Ferriss Show features a stunning guest list of world class achievers from big business, the arts, science, the military, and more.

On his podcast, Tim methodically deconstructs the habits and traits of all these high-level performers and looks to tease out the common threads of success for all his faithful listeners.

The array of guests that Tim has lined up over the years is staggering. It is a wildly impressive group of people who have reached the pinnacle of achievement in many of their respective fields.

These guests all tend to open up and become rather revealing with Tim. Tim has a special knack for making them comfortable and asking just the right prompting questions. There is always something to take away from his conversations with every single guest, no matter what their backgrounds are.

Narrowing down Tim’s entire podcast catalog to just 10 guests was quite the challenge, but I feel these 10 are all intriguing personalities from diverse backgrounds. Each one of them brings the goods with nuggets of wisdom and actionable life advice.

Here are The Top Ten Guests From The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast:

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers founded CD Baby back in the ‘90s which went on to become the largest seller of independent music online. The numbers CD Baby churned out were staggering, reaching $100 million in sales.

Derek’s approach to life and business will change your context for everything. In this episode, Derek tells the tale of a major life lesson learned on an exhaustive 43-minute bike ride. It is a lesson that is applicable to everyone, no matter what your calling may be.


Peter Attia

Peter Attia has an impressive and intriguing background. He is an MD and mechanical engineer. He abruptly left an acclaimed career as a surgeon to pursue a consulting gig, working with high-level forecasting projects for big banking businesses. He made a return to healthcare and did research at the National Cancer Institute.

I am most drawn to Peter’s knowledge and philosophies on diet and nutrition. He has some interesting and contrarian takes on the state of healthcare and supplementation and backs up all his thoughts with a grounded and reasoned explanation.

Also, check out Peter’s episode on the Jocko Willink podcast. It is a fascinating look into the world of a trauma surgeon in the heart of Baltimore City.


Laird Hamilton

The guest here is Laird Hamilton, pro surfer, extreme adventurer, and entrepreneur, but you also get some solid contribution from his wife Gabby Reece, pro volleyball player, as well as their trainer Brian MacKenzie.

I loved the parenting discussion coming from Laird and Gabby. I was also taken at how communal and involved Laird gets with other people when it comes to working out and exercising. Laird’s episode made me start to think about the benefits of camaraderie when exercising. It is a communal joy I am starting to experience at the yoga studio I recently joined.


Matt Mullenweg

Matt is the CEO of Automatic, which is impressive in its own right, but he was also the original lead developer of WordPress, which is now responsible for powering more than 25% of the websites on the internet.

Matt has plenty of wisdom to relay, but perhaps the best takeaway from this episode below is Matt’s offering for everyone to just try and live a more thoughtful, calm, and present existence, even in the context of high-level business ambitions.


Josh Waitzkin

Josh seems to me to be a microcosm of Tim’s entire podcast, which means his background is diverse and fascinating. Josh was considered a chess prodigy and was the basis for the book and movie Searching For Bobby Fisher. He is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a paddle-surfing enthusiast. In business, Josh coaches world-class investors.

In his appearance on the episode below I picked up a brilliant parenting nugget from Josh, that centered around the language we use in speaking with our kids and how it can ultimately help prevent their reliance on external conditions for experiencing joy in life.


Seth Godin

I love hearing Seth talk and espouse his values on work, writing, and marketing. He has helped put such a fine point on what is truly important for me and what I need to be focusing on in pursuits of business and marketing.

Seth touts a credo for achievement that is commonly championed by several of Tim’s other guests, which is: Just do the work. Show up and put the time in. The extraneous things, like marketing, take care of themselves when you create something of value that people need and want.


Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy Seal, entrepreneur, consultant, and author. This episode on The Tim Ferriss show was Jocko’s big stage debut and introduction to the masses. It is an intense peek behind the curtain of war and the psyche of our military personnel. This appearance left a major imprint on Tim’s loyal listeners and set the stage for Jocko’s own podcast, The Jocko Podcast. The Jocko Podcast has become a favorite podcast of mine as well.

After his legendary debut, Jocko also made a triumphant return to the show.


Brene Brown

Dr. Brene Brown, Ph.D., is a researcher and author. Her Ted Talk on vulnerability is one of the most watched Ted Talks in the entire world.

Dr. Brown is such a source of comfort, inspiration, and hope. One of her personal mantras, “lean into discomfort”, has become a gentle rallying cry for me through the recent loss of a dear cousin who died by suicide. Ever since discovering Dr. Brene Brown, I have been consciously trying to live a more vulnerable life.


Dom D'Agostino

Dom D'Agostino may be the preeminent authority on the Ketogenic diet. He has a rather impressive background in research, which can be reflected in his deep scientific jargon at times, but his wisdom and guidance for the ketogenic diet are actionable. For anyone deeply committed to the ketogenic diet or just curious about it, Dom is a must listen.


Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins most likely needs no introduction here. The man is an icon and he has earned that status through decades of coaching countless lives through transformational breakthroughs. When Tony speaks I hang on every word. Pairing him up with Tim makes for one powerfully compelling episode.


Bonus Guest: Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl is a NY Times best-selling author with her acclaimed releases Tiny Beautiful Things, Brave Enough, and her memoir Wild, which got made into the movie starring Reese Witherspoon.

Cheryl is brilliant in this episode, which was recorded live in front of an audience at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas. I found her experiences and philosophies to be inspirational for my creative endeavors. Her entire discussion with Tim is as entertaining as compelling.


Habits For A Happier Life

I am a devout listener of Tim’s podcast. It has made a recurring and positive impact on my life on a few different levels. It has encouraged and driven me to consciously forge a more meaningful and enriching life, specifically placing emphasis on the importance of establishing a morning routine.

Getting in the habit, of having a habit around morning time, has made a major impact on my productivity and my ability to simply try and be happier in life.

Tim’s podcast has also inspired me to be more diligent with my diet, opting to join the growing legion of loyal ketogenic practitioners out there, which is a high-fat diet with minimal carb intake. I have personally benefited with a reduction in body fat, an uptick in sustainable energy levels, along with a sharper mental focus, all in great part because of the shared tips and info from Tim and his guests.


A Selfless And Lighthearted Approach

I think one of the most understated, but obviously endearing qualities about Tim’s podcast is Tim himself. Tim seems like a genuinely good dude who is earnest in his desire to teach and help people have better lives.

He covers some pretty heady topics on his show, but never to the detriment of Tim keeping a lighthearted and grounded disposition. He is self-deprecating and lacking in ego, all the while thriving in a world, big business, that is awash in ego.

Tim Ferriss Show Logo.jpg

I have never met Tim and he certainly is not aware of me, but as a faithful listener you can not help but to feel you know Tim just a little bit. That is a credit to how open and transparent Tim has been on his podcast, selflessly sharing many details of his life, challenges and heartache included.

Tim also recently authored and released a book titled Tools Of Titans. Tools Of Titans is a thorough canvassing of the many personalities that have graced Tim’s podcast, in addition to some additional nuggets of actionable life advice.

Are you a devout listener of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast? If so, please tell me who I left off the top guests list in the comments. Are you new to the show and planning to give it a listen? Please tell me in the comments the first guest from above that resonated with you.