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We live in a remarkable time right now where access to information and content is at the tip of our fingers ready to be streamed at a moments notice.

The leveling out of content distribution, via low-cost and low-barrier outlets, has allowed for a proliferation of content creators to rise up from seemingly out of nowhere to allow their voices and stories to be heard.

All of these videos being shared throughout the social media landscape have served to empower others to open up, be vulnerable, and bravely share their own stories.

Anyone looking to make a single step towards some positive change in life or a radical and wholesale change to their entire lifestyle can simply jump online these days and get lost in the countless on-demand videos of hope, information, and inspiration. The first destination those individuals should want to visit is Goalcast.

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Goalcast is the ultimate aggregator of soul touching, life-altering, motivational videos. The majority of the videos housed on Goalcast are concise, quick-hitting pieces that average no more than 10:00 per clip, allowing for maximum impact in a bite-sized format.

The personalities and stories from the videos on Goalcast come from a wide range of people from varying walks of life. Some clips are from heavy-hitter icons in the motivational speaking world like Les Brown, while other stories are told from everyday people who could be our next door neighbor. No matter the source, the content itself on Goalcast is sure to grab hold of your heart.

There are countless videos on Goalcast and it can be daunting to even know where to begin with such an impressive collection of personas and tales. We have compiled 13 of the most viewed and engaged clips with the hopes of delivering to you the best motivational content that Goalcast has to offer.

Make sure to grab some tissues as tear-filled eyes are hard to avoid with some of these videos but take comfort in knowing every individual sharing their story is a living, breathing, testament to hope and a celebration of the true beauty of life.

Here are The 13 Best Motivational Videos From Goalcast:

1. The Most Inspiring Speech: The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life | Rick Rigsby

Humor, passion, and bravery are all on display in one of the most impactful pieces of inspirational content I have ever viewed.

2. How to Judge Your Life Using 3 Simple Questions | Brendon Burchard | Goalcast

The philosophy put forth here is quite simple yet the impact upon our lives from asking these 3 questions could be profound.

3. How to Change the Way You See Yourself | Rock Thomas | Goalcast

Our own internal talk track and the story we perpetuate about ourselves can either be negative and a debilitating factor in our lives or positive and propel us towards greatness. It is truly up to us to determine.

4. How to Live the Life You Never Imagined | Richard Pimentel | Goalcast

I love the perspective on the word responsibility in this video. It is a simple philosophy I will try to embody in my own life moving forward.

5. These 3 Sentences Will Change Your Life | Lisa Nichols | Goalcast

Sadness, shame and other afflictive emotions do not always come on with a singular, catastrophic episode. Loving ourselves is something we need to actively practice each and every day of our lives to thwart the possibility of sinking into an emotional rut.

6. How to Conquer Your Mind and Embrace The Suck | David Goggins | Goalcast

I first came to know David Goggins through his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The word beast gets thrown around way too often these days but it is truly the only way to describe him. David is mental and emotional powerhouse.

7. These Are Arnold Schwarzenegger's 5 Rules for Success | Goalcast

Whether bodybuilding, movies, or politics, Arnold Schwarzenegger has dominated anything he has become involved in professionally. We should all listen intently to Arnold’s 5 Rules for Success.

8. How to Win Against All Odds | Dan Lok | Goalcast

I love Dan’s philosophy on the 4 stages of life, especially the shift from success to significance. It is such a key distinction that can allow for more purpose and fulfillment in our own lives if we embrace the message.

9. Why it Pays to Be Hungry | Les Brown | Goalcast

This speech makes my stomach flutter and eyes fill with tears. I could watch it on a continuous loop. Les Brown is a hero for hope.

10. I Wanted to Save My Mother | Terry Crews | Goalcast

“Success is the warmest place to hide”. I love this quote from Terry Crews who chronicles in this video his harrowing tales as a kid who grew up with a highly abusive father and the trauma he brought into his adult life as a result.

11. Why Hope is Worth Believing In | Kevin Rupp | Goalcast

My heart breaks for this family as they stand beside their father who honors the life and spirit of his daughter, their sibling, who passed from cancer. His perspective in the face of such a loss is remarkable and truly inspiring.

12. This is How to Live a Life of Love | Mandy Morris | Goalcast

We never know the battles that people are facing in life. This is a hopeful tale of claiming our worth and making decisions to experience love and find true joy.

13. How to Be the Best Parent | Simon T. Bailey | Goalcast

“I had the house but I lost the home” is a stark warning to all of us out there chasing achievement while balancing the ultimate responsibility of raising a family.

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