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Whine Down With Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer is a singer, actress, mother, wife, and now a host of one of the most honest and soul-bearing podcast shows I have ever listened to, Whine Down.

Within minutes of the start of the show, Kramer opens up and shares about her love addiction and a previous one-week marriage to a guy who was 14 years her age who also used to be married to Christina Applegate.

The admissions were flying fast and furiously at the onset of the show and never seemed to let up one bit in this debut podcast episode through iHeart Radio.

Trust issues in the marriage, fantasies of being divorced and alone, her husband’s lack of sexual proclivity and her walking home from couples counseling sessions were all bandied about at a staggering pace.

These tantalizing nuggets shared from the most intimate of spaces within Kramer’s life were not being disclosed for shock value. With each truth grenade she hurled into the abyss she did so with a vulnerability and refreshing self-awareness that drew you deeper into the show and more connected to Kramer as a flawed being who is trying her damndest like we all are.

The Trenches Of Real Life

Should I be getting to hear these things? How will her husband react when he hears what she is divulging about him? Her co-host was just as game too, revealing a past marriage where she was not attracted to her husband and went a total of three years without having sex.

Kramer seems to be putting on a podcast to entertain and inspire women but she is clearly level setting expectations for what the audience may envision of a successful woman with fame, fortune, and family.

She has flung herself right into the messy and discomforting trenches of life, real life, to embrace the shared struggles of marriage, career, parenting, and fulfillment. This was the refreshing part of Whine Down to me.

All too often podcast hosts or content creators are quick to share their successes, offer up advisement, or come at the audience from some differentiated lane of life. They have seen it all, accomplished much, and must now dazzle us with their wisdom.

Nothing has been fully figured out yet by Kramer and everything is up for discussion and debate on her show. She has not set herself apart from the audience one bit and she is desperately seeking a path towards connection and true joy in her life just like everyone else downloading her show.

Seeking Expert Opinions?

At one point in the debut episode, Kramer brings on a life coach who has a practice specializing in empowering women to reclaim their own lives after starting families.

The phone connection and audio were not the greatest quality and the coaching and manner of delivery being put forth by this life coach were equally sub-par as well, however, Kramer kept the segment intriguing by at times respectfully pushing back on the advice being doled out.

Kramer’s open questioning of the advice getting dispensed by this life coach established a dynamic that kept the bit entertaining if not anywhere near informative.

Kramers seemingly disinterested or slightly defensive back and forth with the life coach felt as genuine and authentic to me as the entire lead-in of the show stacked with confessions. Sometimes we are interested in seeking the guidance of others but either we can not embody the counsel we sought or we rightfully distrust what we hear or some combination of the two.

Kramer respectfully listened and engaged with her credentialed guest, but openly tried to process how the concepts being put forth could fit into her life right now and could not seem to necessarily get there.

Whine Down feels to be a podcast show geared towards empowering professional mothers while also entertaining them but it is also just as much about laughing at life’s unending parade of stressors, chores, and challenges.

Kramer has committed to bringing on subject matter experts, like life coaches, and to keeping the show open and available to discuss anything her listeners want. If she keeps opening up and exposing the cracks and crevices of her life like she did on this debut episode, all the other bits and guests will pale in comparison.


Where Does She Go From Here?

I give Jana Kramer a ton of credit and respect for opening up like she did. She broached some heavy life subject matter and did so in the name of seeking commonality and bringing comfort to her listeners.

I cannot imagine a significant male audience forming around Whine Down with Jana Kramer but I was intrigued listening as a father and husband who is wholeheartedly committed to creating the best possible life with my wife that I can.

There were familiar gripes about husbands being expressed that I have heard directed towards me in my own household and I found myself on one hand wanting to hastily defend her husband while on the other quietly acknowledging I probably could continue to work on some of the grievances being stated.

I am not quite sure where this show can go as far as any further disclosures from Kramer. She came out of the gate swinging in the debut episode and let it all hang out in the broadcast.

Regardless of future revelations, if the tone and tenor of Whine Down remain as vulnerable and open as its debut there will be a significant audience hooked into to this show. The long-form and unsanitized format of podcasts is the perfect platform for Jana Kramer and the topics she is looking to explore.

Whether intended or not, she may also have this curious husband sticking around to listen, laugh, and maybe even learn from time to time too.

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